Exciting Evolution For Parrtjima 2024: Register Now!

December 18, 2023

The spectacular Parrtjima – A Festival in Light returns to the stunning Red Centre between 12-21 April 2024 and visitor registrations are open now.

This year, the free festival’s theme is ‘Interconnectedness’. It will delve into how everything in Indigenous culture is connected, with a focus on the intricacies of the planting seasons and Indigenous Australians’ connection with the land and kwatye, which means both water and rain in Arrernte, and which connects us all.

Sharing timeless Indigenous stories in creative new ways, Parrtjima includes transforming almost two kilometres of the 300-million-year-old MacDonnell Ranges into a natural canvas for the Ranges Light Show, and Grounded, an immersive installation that projects animated Western and Central Desert art onto the red sand of Alice Springs Desert Park.

Parrtjima is also the perfect reason to experience the incredible Red Centre Light Trail. The trail takes in a range of light experiences including Wintjiri Wiru and Field of Light at Uluru, and Light Towers at Kings Canyon Resort.

Held in Alice Springs (Mparntwe), the highly anticipated 2024 festival will mark a period of evolution for Parrtjima, with organisers Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) collaborating with a new partner, Grumpy Sailor, to deliver the event.

The creative experience design studio, in partnership with events destination company, We Are Gather, will infuse innovative technologies with traditional storytelling methods to deliver a bold and unique experience for visitors. The two organisations have worked on a wide range of significant experiential projects and festivals for a number of national and global clients.

Parrtjima 2024 will be the ninth installation of this unique festival, which continues to grow and attract new audiences each year.

Parrtjima Curator Rhoda Roberts AO said everything is living in Arrernte culture and, in the old ways, the approach to life was one of sharing and working together.

“It ensures a collective responsibility and an awareness of the bond we have with all forms of life,” she said.

“Our ancestors were living under strict social structures and belief systems where everything was interrelated from the land and waterways to our sky country and seasons.

“This way of being has sustained and unified Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Everyone had a place and purpose guided by eons of storytelling, ceremony and song lines that connected the entire nation.”

NTMEC CEO Suzana Bishop said Parrtjima will offer visitors a profound experience in the heart of Australia.

“Parrtjima is a unique festival that is entering a new phase, and we’re excited about the evolution of this visually stunning event,” Mrs Bishop said. “Grumpy Sailor and We Are Gather will help us produce an innovative celebration of the important stories and artwork of First Nations people on Arrernte country in creative new ways.

“The Northern Territory is a unique destination and the home of unique events. Parrtjima is a prime example of the kind of experiences you can enjoy here that you can’t find anywhere else. The festival has become a must on the national and international events calendar.”

Grumpy Sailor CEO and Founder James Boyce said his team is looking forward to helping Parrtjima evolve and reach new heights.

“Parrtjima is a huge opportunity for us to build on something incredible. It’s also a huge responsibility,” he said. “The festival has all the hallmarks of a Grumpy Project. It has story, art, music and light at its heart; it inspires wonder, shares knowledge and establishes cultural respect. As the festival evolves, the landscape of Alice Springs and illuminating important cultural traditions and knowledge will be at its heart.”

For more information about Parrtjima or to register for free, visit parrtjimaaustralia.

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