Festive Delight: Melbourne’s Fed Square Illuminates The Holidays With Joyful Celebrations

December 6, 2023

Photo By Marwool

Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square, known for its cultural vibrancy, is set to transform into a festive wonderland from November 25 to December 31. A lively and colorful program awaits visitors, promising free and family-friendly activities that will make Fed Square a must-visit destination for families looking to bask in the holiday spirit this December.

Festive Square Extravaganza

Fed Square will take center stage in Melbourne’s holiday celebrations, adorned with larger-than-life decorations and twinkling lights. The iconic 16.5-meter LED Christmas tree, accompanied by a festive soundscape and nightly light show, is sure to captivate the hearts of visitors, creating a magical atmosphere throughout the festive season.

A Very Koorie Krismas (December 2)

On December 2, Fed Square will host “A Very Koorie Krismas,” a unique celebration of Christmas with a Koorie twist. Attendees can partake in free workshops for kids, enjoy captivating performances that showcase First Nations culture, and even meet Koorie Klaus. The Koorie Krismas Market will feature art, craft, and design from the Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, adding a meaningful touch to the festivities.

Christmas Films Under the Stars (December 20-24)

For those enchanted by the magic of Christmas movies, Fed Square has a treat in store. From December 20 to 24, visitors can enjoy their favorite festive films under the stars. With a lineup including classics like “The Polar Express,” “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Elf,” “Miracle On 34th Street,” and “It’s A Wonderful Life,” it’s an opportunity to relish the holiday spirit with cinematic delights.

City-Wide Celebrations

Fed Square is not just a local hub; it’s a key player in city-wide celebrations. The festive calendar will feature events that embrace First Nations culture, LGBTQIA+ communities, Chanukah, and of course, Christmas. It’s a testament to Fed Square’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, making the holiday season truly special for everyone.

Free Gift Wrapping Services

In the spirit of sustainability and giving, Fed Square is offering free gift wrapping services from November 25 to December 24. Embracing the Japanese art of decorative folding and eliminating the need for tape, this eco-friendly service operates every Saturday and Sunday (excluding December 10) from 1 pm to 6 pm, and on Christmas Eve from 12 pm to 3 pm. It’s a thoughtful touch that aligns with the festive season’s spirit of joy and goodwill.

Melbourne’s Fed Square has curated a holiday experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a delightful blend of cultural celebrations, family-friendly activities, and eco-conscious initiatives. As the heart of the city beats with festive fervor, Fed Square invites all to join in the merriment and create cherished memories during this joyous season.

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