Flush Your Ex: Aussies Ditch Heartbreak for Good

February 7, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, eco-friendly toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap, has uncovered the heartbreak habits of Australians, revealing that more than 70% of Aussies refuse to throw out their ex’s things post-breakup. 

While three-quarters of Aussies agree that it’s important to offload any physical reminders of their ex, more than 20% have kept items post-breakup for more than two years. 

In a move to help these heartbroken hoarders, Who Gives A Crap is asking lovelorn Aussies to “flush” their ex, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Inviting the public to share their old love letters and cards to be turned into 100% recycled toilet paper – finally, something useful.

The Flush Your Ex initiative gives heartbroken Aussies permission to get petty: cleansing their psychic space to find the perfect closure, while knowing that someone, somewhere will be wiping their bum with their ex’s sweet nothings.

By transforming their cursed correspondence into 100% recycled toilet paper, jilted exes can finally put all that heartbreak to good use — helping the planet while healing their hearts. 

Susie Kim, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, notes that removing items from past relationships is essential to moving on romantically: “Holding on to things from your ex can often be a sign that you’re not fully ready to move on and heal. 

“Taking time to appreciate the memories before flushing them out of your system is a cathartic healing process that enables you to grieve and grow. Australians agree, with the majority (66%) acknowledging that holding on to an ex’s things can impact future relationships.”

Giving the flick to an ex-sweetheart’s belongings was considered among the top five ways to get through a breakup. However, out of sight, out of mind, proved to be the best technique, with 41% of Australians stating no contact is their top way to heal. Followed by exercise and hobbies (40%), seeking support from family and friends (40%) and self-care (25%). Surprisingly, however, only 15% go to the extent of blocking their ex on social media.

This initiative has never been so important, with Australians nationwide now more than ever needing a way to get over an ex. Particularly in Hobart, which was crowned as Heartbreak Island, with 29% of locals experiencing a breakup, followed by ACT (27%), Sydney (26%), Melbourne (25%), Brisbane (25%) and Perth (24%). When looking at generations, Gen Z is the generation that has been affected the most, with over 1 in 4 experiencing heartbreak in the last 12 months.

Who Gives A Crap Head of Brand Management, Maria Chilewicz is hopeful the Flush Your Ex initiative will help heal broken hearts around the world by giving them the closure they need to move on. 

“Let’s be honest, breakups are crap, which is why we are excited to bring back our successful and hugely popular Flush Your Ex initiative. We hope we can help the heartbroken turn over a new sheet ahead of Valentine’s Day – all while doing something good for the planet with our 100% recycled toilet paper.”

Who Gives A Crap is calling on people who still have “that box” stashed under their bed. Aussies with a love letter to flush can send them to Who Gives A Crap at: Good Goods Pty Ltd, Attn: Flush Your Ex, Level 4/54 Wellington St, Collingwood VIC 3066.

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