HoMie’s New REBORN Collection, A Circular Showcase Powered By New Upcycling Facility Partner, ABMT Textiles.

November 8, 2023

Leading social enterprise HoMie has saved over 4,400 garments from landfill via their sub-label HoMie REBORN, dedicated to breathing new life into existing garments. What began from a small studio in 2019 with an oversupply of garments, has become a trailblazer and leader in circular fashion within Australia.

HoMie REBORN have recently teamed up with Ethical Clothing Australia certified ABMT Textiles to create an Australian-first upcycling factory and scale up production. This innovative collaboration is taking deadstock from some of the most beloved brands in Australia and transforming them into new garments, with profits supporting HoMie’s mission to combat youth homelessness.
The capsule collection launched at Melbourne Fashion Week, showcasing at Underground Runway, presented by Collarts. The collection is now available in-store and online with 100% of profits going towards HoMie’s mission of helping young people affected by homelessness or hardship. The collection showcases repurposed samples, returns, and deadstock, breathing new life into them as reimagined pieces.

HoMie REBORN has been an innovator in sustainability and creative reuse in fashion led by Creative Director, Marcus Crook. This collaboration with ABMT Textiles, a leader in natural fibre performance and fashion textiles, marks an exciting milestone in Australian fashion. The new upcycling factory will not only redefine fashion but also contribute to waste reduction and the circular economy within the country.


“It’s a great to give brands the opportunity to consider reusing existing garments,” says Marcus. “REBORN and ABMT together can show how creativity and sustainability go hand in hand to create something unique and desirable.”


Reducing waste: By giving new life to deadstock, the collaboration helps in promoting waste reduction

Profits for a cause: Profits from the upcycling process for brands and the sale of REBORN garments directly support HoMie’s mission to combat youth homelessness.

Inspiring change: With ABMT’s global reputation and HoMie REBORN’s commitment to upcycling, the partnership aims to inspire other Aussie brands to rethink production.


The partnership between HoMie REBORN and ABMT Textiles signifies a bright future in the Australian fashion scene. With shared values and an unwavering commitment to creativity and the environment, this collaboration sets a new standard in sustainable fashion.

In Marcus Crook’s words, “This is not just about clothes; it’s about making a real change in the industry. We’re stoked to be part of this revolution.”

For more insights into this ground-breaking partnership and how it’s shaping Aussie fashion, check out HoMie’s official website.


Founded in 2015, HoMie is a Melbourne-based streetwear label and social enterprise, located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The organisation supports young people affected by homelessness and hardship, equipping them with skills, confidence, and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future.

HoMie runs two social impact programs: The HoMie Pathway Alliance, which is HoMie’s own accredited retail training and education paid internship for young people (aged 16 to 25 years) affected by homelessness or hardship; and HoMie’s VIP Program, where young people are welcomed into the store to shop complimentary brand-new HoMie garments, access beauty services, and enjoy lunch with the HoMie team.


HoMie REBORN, a subset of the not-for-profit social enterprise HoMie, transforms waste materials into desirable one-off pieces. Its mission is to drive radical rethinking of the retail fashion industry, encouraging circularity and sustainable innovation.

Pre-loved, faulty or unsold garments from HoMie and other large retailers, are hand-cut, sewn, and altered into one-of-a-kind items with 100% of profits going towards HoMie’s mission to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship. Every second, one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated[1], with the fashion industry alone producing over 92 million tonnes of waste per year[2]. To date, HoMie REBORN has saved over 4,400 garments from landfill.


HoMie REBORN’s newest upcycled collection is available via homie.com.au and in HoMie’s Fitzroy store now.  

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