Jimmy Brings’ Father’s Day Bundle Pokes Fun At Dad’s Seeking Solace In The Bathroom

August 14, 2023

A limited edition grooming and games bundle tacked onto your next VB purchase.

A little crass, though expertly curated. Jimmy Brings are turning your ‘oh no, I forgot to get something for Father’s Day’ blunder into a really crappy bundle. Poking fun at the novel amount of work that gets done while on (and around) a man’s porcelain throne / dunny / thunder mug, punters can collect a free, limited edition grooming and games bundle for Dad, when ordering the Father’s Day Bathroom Bundle; via the app this month.

Jimmy Brings is slinging 30 Jimmy Brings branded bath towels, Potty Putter Toilet Golf set, and VB Men’s Grooming Kit, all for FREE when purchasing the limited edition Father’s Day Bathroom Bundle, which includes a case of VB and four pack of VB Xtra in the lead up to Father’s Day on September 3. Listen to us when we say any father-like figure in your life is so over the stack of socks and peanut brittle received every September. Keep it light and fun and gift him something that inspires a bit of relaxation after a hard day on the tools.

“We’re a company who pride themselves on cheek and cheer, and so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to crack one open with our old man this Father’s Day. We always joke in my family that my dad gets all his best ideas in the bathroom, but that’s probably because he’s always in there. I sadly often forget about fathers day, so this bundle is perfect for anyone who gets a little forgetful around the first weekend of September and forgot to pick up a voucher or a box of chocolates.” – Jimmy Brings, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand & Growth, Rachel Sheils 

But there’s a catch. You’ve got to be real quick. Jimmy Brings Father’s Day bundle is only valid for the first 30 orders placed via the app. Have your finger at the ready to Father’s Day Bathroom Bundle, when the offer drops on Monday, 14th August.

It’s all fun and games, literally, until Dad disappears to the bathroom for three full hours.

Jimmy Brings limited edition Father’s Day Bundle available for purchase from Monday, 14th August. Don’t miss out on this deliciously funny offer available only while stocks last. T&Cs apply. 


1x VB case

1 x VX 4pack

Plus FREE:

1 x Jimmy Brings branded bath towel

1 x Potty Putter Toilet Golf set

1 x VB Men’s Grooming Kit,

*Bundles shipped seperately

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