Revitalise Your Festive Season: Expert Tips From Tracey Horton On Enjoying Holidays Without Getting Exhausted

December 2, 2023

Tracey Horton

Leading mental health expert, Tracey Horton, is urging Aussies to recognise how tired they are feeling and to reduce the pressure on themselves to enjoy Christmas this year.

“Am I the only one who is seeing a lot of really tired people attempting to get through each day without collapsing,” Horton said.

“We are still very much in post pandemic crisis mode. While life has returned to normal for people, their bodies are till trying to process everything that has happened over the last few years and get back into some type of normal rhythm.

” Horton is a world leading keynote speaker, best-selling author, thought leader, mental health expert and growth coach who delivers one on one life coaching, a range of highly popular self-help courses for individuals and advises businesses on how to better support people in the workplace. Horton has provided tips on how to have a good holiday when you are tired.

“The process starts with realising you’re not alone.¬†According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, 64 percent of those who already struggle with their mental health say that the holidays make their conditions worse,” Horton said.

“If you are like everyone else, in the last three months your work productivity has been a huge push just to keep up, and now your social life is blowing up as summer and Christmas collide in December.

“You will go out to attend functions, work gatherings, social events with friends and family, but you really don’t want to. You would rather just stay at home with a glass of wine and chill on the deck or lay on the lounge and binge Netflix.

“You love your partner and want to enjoy meaningful moments with them, but you are so exhausted there is nothing left in the tank for surprise and delight interactions.

“The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. In fact, you are the majority at the moment. So, before you collapse in front of everyone, what can you do when you are too tired to even holiday and rejuvenate yourself. There are some simple things you can do.”

Find a strategy to manage commitments: Learn to say no 

“Learning to say no is a difficult process but a very important one. You can’t expect to be a good partner and loved one for others if you don’t look after yourself,” Horton said.

“If you are feeling overwhelmed or overbooked, work out which events or activities bring you joy and relaxation and which ones don’t. Be brutal, starting culling things and don’t feel guilty about it.”

Pass the baton to someone else

“In life, there are those who always end up putting their hand up to take on extra duties or responsibilities, and there are those that don’t,” Horton said.

“The ones that don’t rely on people like you to continually take things on. This year, allow yourself to keep your hand down. You need to rest, recuperate and get your zest for life back.

“You will be back again next year with a bang. Have a rest. You deserve it. Let others take up the slack.”

Schedule downtime

“Plan and schedule downtime. Block off time in your schedule specifically for relaxation. Whether it is reading, taking a bath, or simply doing nothing, give yourself permission to unwind. Take care of yourself physically and mentally,” Horton said.

“Engage in activities that relax and rejuvenate you, such as yoga, meditation, exercise, or hobbies you enjoy.”


“People often associate the word delegate with work, but it should also apply to your personal life,”Horton said.

“Ask others for help. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks or ask for assistance; be it sharing cooking duties, delegating chores, or asking for assistance with holiday preparations, involving others can lighten your load. Utilise the aunty who is retired and would love to be useful again.”

Set realistic expectations

“Make sure you set realistic expectations; rethink your expectations for the holiday season,”Horton said.

“It is OK if things are not perfect or don’t go exactly as planned. Focus on enjoying the moment rather than striving for perfection. Be flexible with your plans. If you are feeling excessively tired, consider simplifying your holiday celebrations or adjusting activities to conserve energy.”

Add supplements to your diet

According to Dr Vincent, a leading health and wellness expert, much of the food we eat these days does not contain the nutrients our body needs to operate at optimum level.

“Not getting enough sleep, eating fried and processed foods, consuming too much alcohol, subjecting our body to high levels of stress and not allowing our minds to rest, all impacts our overall health and wellness in a negative way,” Dr Vincent said.

“We develop inflammation, our immune system suffers and our body can’t function as well as what it should, thus making us feel tired.

“It is important to ensure we are eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meat, and we are adding fish oil, activated phenolics which are highly potent antioxidants, and a good broad spectrum general vitamin, to our diet. Drinking more water and getting better quality sleep will also help our body to recover and reenergise.”

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