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September 22, 2023

The only horror film I’ve ever seen is Friday the 13th . It was so frightening that I have never watched a scary movie again. When I was asked to review Saw X I knew who to call. My youngest son and his mate are huge horror fans so I asked them to go along and give me their expert opinion.

Saw X is directed and edited by Kevin Greutert. It was written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. It is the tenth instalment in the franchise and is designed to be a sequel to Saw and a prequel to Saw 2. It stars Tobin Bell as John Kramer along with Shawnee Smith. They reprise their previous roles. In this film John travels to Mexico City for cancer treatment. When it turns out to be a hoax, Jigsaw returns to create havoc in his signature way with his elaborate ‘games’.

Movie Review
This film has been generally well received and my reviewers felt that there was an attempt to freshen up the movie which is hard considering the amount of Saw movies made. More character build up was included and it shared a closer look at the character and motivation of Jigsaw. My reviewers even found themselves cheering on Jigsaw at times.

Not all of the character development was entirely successful but the acting was as to be expected from a Saw movie. A big positive was the more creative ‘games’ where Jigsaw tests people after
various tasks. The film also contained a twist that regular viewers would know and love from the genre.

It was extremely gruesome, which you would expect from a Saw film and it will make you squirm. My reviewers found the film funnier than expected and it contained way more laughs than you
would think. Although not groundbreaking, Saw X is a solid effort to revamp this series of films by being more like the original movie. It contains more talking and a little less gore.

Saw X will thrust you into the original world of Jigsaw and his antics once again. This should satisfy lovers of this successful franchise. To witness the return of Jigsaw you can head to Australian cinemas from September 28.

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