Teenager Ted Chick Embarks On 550km Run For Miles4Mac: A Journey Of Hope For Cormac And Regional Kids

April 12, 2024

Ted Chick and Cormac (Mac) Downes

On Wednesday, April 24th, 16-year-old Ted Chick from Armidale, NSW, will embark on an extraordinary mission: Miles4Mac. Over 20 days, Ted will undertake a monumental run spanning more than 550 kilometers, starting from the Sydney Children’s Hospital and concluding in his hometown of Armidale on Monday, May 13th.

Miles4Mac is not just a run; it’s a testament to the power of friendship, resilience, and community support. Ted’s inspiration comes from his family friend and schoolmate, Cormac (Mac) Downes, who is currently recovering from an aggressive tumor on his spine.

Through Miles4Mac, Ted aims to raise funds and awareness for Cormac’s journey to recovery, as well as shed light on the challenges faced by other regional children when they battle illness.

“I’ve seen how strong and determined Mac has been over the last six months, and how his family had to figure out how to live in different cities all while dealing with cancer. This is what has motivated me to come up with the idea of Miles4mac. This is something I can do to help” says Ted Chick.

Ted’s journey will serve as a beacon of hope for Cormac, his family, and all regional families grappling with illness. By raising awareness and funds, Ted hopes to alleviate some of the burdens faced by families during these difficult times and provide support for the journey ahead.

Supporters can track Ted’s progress and contribute to the Miles4Mac cause through social media updates and the Miles4Mac website. Every step Ted takes will bring him closer to his goal of making a positive impact in Cormac’s life and the lives of other regional children.

“I feel lucky that I can run for Cormac and all the regional kids who need our support. I am hoping together, we can make a difference and let them know they are not alone” adds Ted.

Be part of the change and support the cause by visiting miles4mac.au today.

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