The Balvenie And Lennox Hastie Rekindle Their Passion For Craftsmanship In A One-Night-Only Culinary Experience At Firedoor

November 9, 2023

Two connoisseurs of craft come together as Australian chef Lennox Hastie announces the return of a one-night-only whisky and culinary affair with The Balvenie.

9 November, Sydney, Australia: The Balvenie Single Malt Whisky and Australian culinary pioneer Lennox Hastie are excited to pair up again for a Fire, Food and Whisky Experience, a one-night only whisky and dining affair influenced by Lennox’ time spent at the distillery in Scotland.

Lennox and The Balvenie have cultivated their relationship over time, this year deepening their connection with a visit to The Balvenie distillery in Duffton, Scotland. European-trained, and UK-born to an Australian father and Scottish mother, Lennox has dedicated his career to mastering the craft of cooking with fire, embodying the values of passion, heart, and dedication that mirror those which define and create The Balvenie Single Malt Whisky.

Guided by The Balvenie Brand Ambassador Ross Blainey, the renowned chef embarked on a voyage to Speyside, where Lennox uncovered five unique crafts that set The Balvenie apart as the world’s most meticulously crafted whisky. Amongst the acres of aging barrels, the two were joined by the Former Malt Master and Honorary Ambassador distiller David C. Stewart MBE, who, in his 60th year at the distillery, shared tales of his legendary knowledge and experiences. As one of the longest serving malt masters and heralded as the pioneer of cask finishes, David walked through the technique that matures the liquid in one cask, before transferring it to finish maturing in another creating a smoother, more complex liquid. Lennox and David, two pioneers of their craft, shared their fascination on the influence wood flavours can exert on both liquid and culinary creations.

Lennox has now returned with a one-of-a-kind menu inspired by his time at The Balvenie and his journey foraging the Cairngorms National Park and trout fishing in the Spey, set to be exclusively showcased at Firedoor on 5 December. Following the success of two sold-out evenings, The Balvenie x Lennox Hastie Experience, will feature a five-course menu paired with The Balvenie’s iconic collection of Single Malts.

Lennox Hastie said of the experience: “The Balvenie and I share a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, and I’m thrilled to reunite for this special evening. My recent visit to The Balvenie distillery in Scotland was truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to bring the essence of Scotland home to Firedoor.

“Following my travels, I’ve put together a five-course menu that will be paired with iconic The Balvenie single malts, in celebration of the mutual connection, craftsmanship, dedication and passion behind what we do at Firedoor and Gildas, and what The Balvenie team do at the distillery.”

A partnership forged over two years, Lennox’s ambassadorship with The Balvenie celebrates the synergies between creating exceptional whisky, and mastering the art of cooking with fire, showcasing although it takes skill to make something great, heart is what is truly required to make something extraordinary.

The Balvenie Brand Ambassador, Ross Blainey, said: “Building on the previous year’s partnership with Lennox just made so much sense for us. His attention to detail, passion for his craft and pursuit of perfection is what we love and share with him through our crafts.

The trip to our distillery and surrounds in Speyside was all about finding inspiration from our shared Scottish culture and heritage, meeting the people and hearing the stories of our distillery, and an understanding of our own passion for our craft. I’m excited to share some of our stories from the week and a menu shaped by what we saw, tasted, and experienced.”

We are proud to have continued our partnership with Lennox Hastie, a chef whose dedication to craft aligns perfectly with The Balvenie’s values.

We look forward to sharing this exceptional culinary experience with the people of Sydney during a wonderful evening at Firedoor. The Balvenie x Firedoor’s Lennox Hastie Experience is a testament to our shared commitment to celebrating craftsmanship and fine dining.”

The ticket price of $475 includes a five-course curated menu perfectly paired with a selection of The Balvenie Single Malt Whisky, plus a Lennox Hastie signed bottle of The Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood to take home.

Experience The Balvenie x Firedoor’s Lennox Hastie’s Fire, Food & Whisky on 5 December at Firedoor Sydney.

Ticket available to purchase Friday, 17 November at 10am from

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