Transform Your Home Into A Festive Wonderland: Expert Tips From Kellie Richardson For A Budget-Friendly Christmas Decor

December 14, 2023

The festive season is always a very busy time of year and most households usually go about putting up their tree and a few decorations without a lot of thought of changing things ups. This year, leading interior designer, Kellie Richardson, is encouraging households to add a few extra touches to the decorations to create the most sublime Christmas ambience on a budget.

“Whether or not there are children at home, many people put in extra effort during the festive season to decorate their homes because they seek to recreate the magic and joy of the holiday season They remember the magic of Christmas that they experienced as a child and they want to recapture that season of pure joy and happiness,” leading interior designer, founder and principal interior designer at Kurved by Design Kellie Richardson said.

Richardson is respected across industry and the real estate sector as one of the leading experts on all matters interior design and property staging. Agents rely on Richardson and her team to style properties to optimise sale prices. Her business includes five divisions including interior design, property styling, maintenance, homewares and her latest venture, the Kurved by Design Interior Designer academy. The academy is the first of its kind in Australia providing interior design courses online. She is famous for her tag line: Botox for your home.

“It’s a family tradition in many households for everyone to put up the Christmas tree and over time, these longstanding family habits become part of an annual ritual. Psychologists have found that when people decorate their homes and Christmas trees, they experience a spike in dopamine, the feel-good hormone,” Richardson continued.

“We all want our homes to look their best during the Christmas season, when we tend to have guests over, so here are some tips to creating that magical Christmas feel in a way that makes sense for our Aussie summer season Christmas.”

The Christmas tree

“The Christmas tree should be your centre piece showstopper. In the northern hemisphere, the traditional tree is the pine tree, but it doesn’t really make sense in Australia because the heat makes them dry out more quickly, and they’ll shed their pine needles like mad!” she exclaimed.

“An equally beautiful local alternative is to get an Australian native plant from a local plant nursery. This is a great way to personalise your Christmas tree.

“Now that you’ve chosen your tree, here are some quick tips when it comes to decorating it. Start with the lights because it’s easiest to wind them around the tree without decorations getting tangled up in them. Hang ornaments by type, for example, start with baubles first. This way, you’ll tend to spread them more evenly around the tree.

“Kids crafts always make great decorations and serve as beautiful keepsakes over the years. This year silver and blue is trending so ensure you incorporate these colours into your tree theme.”

Visit the two-dollar shops

“Purchase a hero Christmas angel or Santa Clause item that you can showcase on the sideboard but for the rest of your decorations, make use of all the wonderful ornaments and decorations on sale at your local two-dollar shops. They are beautiful and incredibly cost effective,” Richardson said.

Front entry wow factor

“Welcome your guests into your home with pizzazz by jazzing up your entry way to the house. It’ll make a stunning first impression and get your guests in the mood for a Christmas celebration. Add a few Christmas decorations and lights and pair it with a beautiful wreath hanging at your door,” Richarson said.

Wreaths and table décor

“Besides having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, you can also make wreaths out of stunning native foliage that will continue the theme throughout your home. You could try eucalyptus, magnolia or Australian native plans to create gorgeous table displays,” she suggested.

“This type of flora can be sourced from your backyard, parkland or the nursery. There are cost effective ways to create the ultimate Christmas look without breaking the bank.”¨

Spread the décor around the house

“Feel free to decorate other spaces throughout the house, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just the Christmas tree and the table settings. There are so many other spaces in the house that you can incorporate,” Richardson said.

“Kids will definitely want to personalise their bedroom doors, but also consider your entry way and main living room area. If your house is large, you might even consider having a second Christmas tree! Some kids even have mini-Christmas trees in their rooms.  This not only adds to the excitement it also provides a great night light.”

The twinkle of lights

“Fairy lights add a beautiful Christmas twinkle and sparkle to your home, making it feel more special and magical. The gentle light of fairy lights creates a relaxing and inviting ambiance that’s particularly suited to our casual, relaxed Aussie lifestyle,” Richardson said.

“An extra tip is to have Christmas scented candles all throughout your home so that you’re constantly smelling those special aromas that we associate with Christmas. The traditional Christmas scents of the northern hemisphere are lovely but may not be suited to our climate. For an Australian Christmas feel, a fresh summery scent like gardenia would be absolute heaven in any home.”

Christmas spirit

“Christmas time is a time of joy and celebration. School is over for the kids and many people are off for the rest of the year. Everybody is in the mood to just hang out, eat some good food, and have a great time. Having a beautifully decorated home adds to the ambiance of Christmas, making it even more special and more magical and unforgettable. It’s no wonder that it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” Richardson said.

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