Ten questions for Nelle

by Brisbane actor and shake & stir Artistic Director Nelle Lee is about to take to the stage in Tequila Mockingbird. We put the spotlight on her! Have you always been ‘dramatic’ from a young age? I have always loved performing. I […]

Alison Whittaker and the law of poetry

by A scalp-scab burnt and straw-haired woman spoke to me a revolution that roared within my belly, only once it were ate after years of pushin’ it round the plate and when I realised what she knew and what I missed—O, Eureka! […]

An epiphany – Embrace

by (Pictured above: Taryn Brumfitt during the making of her documentary, EMBRACE) I’ve had an epiphany of sorts … it came after I attended the documentary EMBRACE and the Q&A with Taryn Brumfitt. This doco is life changing. I wish I had […]

Michaela McGuire: no unfinished business

by Dear myself, let’s talk about unfinished business… yes, you know the things you should have said, the things you didn’t say and that which remains to be done … The Women of Letters recently returned to Brisbane for their eighth appearance […]

Lily Avalon: ghost girl

by It’s not an occupation for the faint-hearted, but Lily Avalon has never been scared—not once—since she started as a ghost tour host at Toowong and South Brisbane Cemeteries in 2011. “I’ve never been truly scared—I get the creeps and freak myself […]

Katherine Lyall-Watson: writing for the stage

by Imagine the thrill of your writing coming to life on the stage or on screen. Every writer dreams of it, but Brisbane playwright Katherine Lyall-Watson has made it happen. “It’s an incredible experience,” Katherine says. “While I’m writing, I can hear […]

Wow, this is a workout

by It’s been a long time since I pointed a toe, stood in first position and donned a tutu. But don’t be alarmed reader; I haven’t subjected any member of the public to that spectacle. Instead, I tried a workout at Xtend […]