Ten questions for Nelle

Brisbane actor and shake & stir Artistic Director Nelle Lee is about to take to the stage in Tequila Mockingbird. We put the spotlight on her! Have you always been ‘dramatic’ from a young age? I have always loved performing. I think […]

Alison Whittaker and the law of poetry

A scalp-scab burnt and straw-haired woman spoke to me a revolution that roared within my belly, only once it were ate after years of pushin’ it round the plate and when I realised what she knew and what I missed—O, Eureka! “Everywhere! […]

An epiphany – Embrace

(Pictured above: Taryn Brumfitt during the making of her documentary, EMBRACE) I’ve had an epiphany of sorts … it came after I attended the documentary EMBRACE and the Q&A with Taryn Brumfitt. This doco is life changing. I wish I had seen […]

Michaela McGuire: no unfinished business

Dear myself, let’s talk about unfinished business… yes, you know the things you should have said, the things you didn’t say and that which remains to be done … The Women of Letters recently returned to Brisbane for their eighth appearance and […]

Lily Avalon: ghost girl

It’s not an occupation for the faint-hearted, but Lily Avalon has never been scared—not once—since she started as a ghost tour host at Toowong and South Brisbane Cemeteries in 2011. “I’ve never been truly scared—I get the creeps and freak myself out […]

Katherine Lyall-Watson: writing for the stage

Imagine the thrill of your writing coming to life on the stage or on screen. Every writer dreams of it, but Brisbane playwright Katherine Lyall-Watson has made it happen. “It’s an incredible experience,” Katherine says. “While I’m writing, I can hear the […]

Wow, this is a workout

It’s been a long time since I pointed a toe, stood in first position and donned a tutu. But don’t be alarmed reader; I haven’t subjected any member of the public to that spectacle. Instead, I tried a workout at Xtend Barre. […]