Oops! Just Did A Wee…

by   Have you ever sneezed, coughed or laughed and a little, or a lot, of wee comes out? Well 1 in 3 Australian women admit to experiencing bladder leaks which can be socially debilitating. More than 40% of women use fem […]

What Our History Can Teach Gen Z

by   My isolation story hasn’t been one of difficulty, and for that I am blessed. I have spent the last 8 weeks working from home with 3 teenagers who, thankfully, are nice humans.  During this time, while dealing with my own […]

Touring Japan In Large Groups

by Jetstar has just done it again and released incredible prices for return flights to Japan from anywhere in Australia. This is a similar offer to what I took up last year, along with another family, with the attitude of “book now […]

No Bali Belly, Just Bali Adventures

by It’s been four years since my last trip to Bali with the girls and an overriding impression on our recent six day retreat (there were four of us) was that the popular holiday spot, which attracts more than 1m Australians a […]

Singapore Slings Us A Great Time

by The last time I visited Singapore was in 2002, on my way back from living overseas for six years. With the recent release of the film Crazy Rich Asians and my need for a destination to celebrate my son turning 18, […]

Taking The Step After 15 Years

by I have friends that have noticed ‘it’ all my life and I have friends that were totally shocked when I announced that I was saying goodbye to ‘it’ – my lazy left eye. I had been dabbling with this decision for […]