Fast Fashion Is Resulting In An Australian Confidence Crisis

May 22, 2018

Aussies are purchasing new clothes to make them feel more confident, but new research shows it’s having the opposite effect. Research, commissioned by Lovables Australia, reveals a fifth of Aussies (18%) are spending $12,000 on clothes on average per year in an effort to feel and look their best, but the nation’s fast fashion addiction is nothing but a quick-fix solution.

Aussies are looking to fashion for a confidence boost, with 46% of Australians purchasing clothes in an attempt to feel more confident, while others (20%) are looking to simply lift their mood. Over one-third of people surveyed (35%) confessed to purchasing a staggering 10 or more new clothing items every month.

However, half of those surveyed felt nothing but regret or guilt after their spending splurge. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Kate Baecher, identifies the rise of the ‘spend and scrap’ generation.

“Aussies are living in a fast and disposable world; we’ve become accustomed to a world of instant gratification and have fewer concerns about the financial and emotional costs. Fast fashion has become the new fast food, it fills you up and makes you feel good for a short period of time but you become dissatisfied and are left wanting more.”

“In such a disposable society, it’s important to take stock and reassess the value of the items we surround ourselves with. Rather than throwing our favourite threads away when they’ve become worn, faded or shapeless, we should be investing in the clothes we love to continue feeling our best, most confident self,” Kate said.

A shocking 48% of Aussies are throwing out clothes every three to six months with half of all people (48%) scraping clothes due to lost shape and almost a third (28%) discarding garments due to fabric pilling.

The nation’s expectations on quality are even fading, with four out of 10 Australians admitting to buying two of the same garment knowing it will pill, lose shape or fade.

TV presenter and model, Rachael Finch, has partnered with Lovables Australia, encouraging Aussies to take better care of what they wear and feel good, no matter what they have on.

“Fashion is such an important part of our lives, we choose clothes to represent the best version of ourselves and they help make us look and feel a certain way whether that’s beautiful, confident or powerful. I always try to buy staple items that will last beyond the seasons and years; whether that’s a designer dress for an event or active wear for playing with my kids,” Rachael said.

It’s important to remember and invest in the items that make us feel our best, taking care of them so that they last the test of time alongside your confidence. Rather than throwing them away and looking for the next best thing.”

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