Hooray – It’s Cardigan Time!

April 14, 2017

In Brisbane there’s finally a definite chill in the air which means, joy of joys, I can start to wear some of my vast cardigan collection again. Since I was a little girl I have loved rocking a cardigan. They are just so cosy. They are also perfect in Queensland where the nights and mornings are chilly but the daytime temperature still warms up into the high twenties. Cardigans are just so easy to take on and off. I have heard whole groups of women say they hate cardigans so I am here to defend this most versatile of wardrobe options.

Why I like Cardigans!

  • Cardigans can add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull and boring outfit. Take your black pants and white shirt work combo, then add a pink or yellow cardigan. See now that’s much better….your face lights up and you look much happier.
  • Cardigans can show off your personality. My favourite cardigans are a hot pink Ralph Lauren and also a beautiful black Leona Edmiston which has a gold embroidered bee (for Beesley of course), but I also love the bright yellow one I bought in Cotton On years ago for fifteen dollars. They all suit my personality. I have friends who prefer pastel coloured cardigans with sparkles, some who wear jewelled coloured cardigans over sleeveless dresses and taller friends who always look so chic and cool in their super long cardigans. Experiment and find the signature style of cardigan that suits you.
  • Cardigans instantly draw attention to you. As a supply  teacher I had to walk into a room and instantly command the children’s attention. My secret weapon was always a colourful cardigan. Children are drawn to bright colours and a cardigan instantly makes you appear friendlier …. like a favourite fun Aunty who has just dropped in for the day. Even at home when I come down the stairs wearing a cardigan my boys and husband will instantly smile. Who knew…. Men love women who wear cardigans.
  • They are so easy to wear. Cardigans are not only easy to take on and off , they can be worn in so many different ways. Try wearing a pretty camisole underneath and buttoning up your cardigan to wear with jeans or a skirt and ballet flats. Last year’s cardigan a bit tight,  just undo some buttons or wear completely open over a tee. Wear the long line cardigan as a coat or try a cardigan without sleeves as a vest over a fitted long sleeve tee. Keeps your chest warm and arms free.Why not do as the French do and drape your cardigan over your shoulders for instant chic.
  • Cardigans are great for travelling. The first thing that will go into my hand luggage for my next trip is a cardigan.The temperature in the plane can be quite changeable and the cardi is compact enough to fit in your hand luggage and be taken on and off as needed. It also ensures that when you reach your destination you can be warm on the drive from the airport to your hotel without carrying your bulky winter coat. Cardigans are usually soft enough that you can easily sleep in them as well. Adding a scarf will ensure you look instantly chic as I walk through Charles de Gaulle or LAX.
  • Cardigans are like medicine. If you’re coming down with a cold, feeling a little blue or just tired from a hard day at work there is nothing better than pulling on your favourite cosy cardigan and snuggling up on the couch with a good book or watching a favourite film or TV show. Add a hot chocolate or some soup and you’ll instantly feel better. Cardigans make you feel snuggly, warm and safe.

Famous Cardigan Wearers

There’s a cardigan style to suit everyone. Even rocker Kurt Cobain looked cool in his grunge style cardigans. Audrey Hepburn never looked more stylish than when she was wearing black capris, a crisp white shirt and a cardigan draped over her shoulders. Queen of Style, Anna Wintour, is most often seen wearing a fit and flare dress topped by a cardigan. It’s a uniform of sorts for her and more recently Reese Witherspoon sported a cardigan collection to covet playing the character of Madeline on the sensational series ‘Big, Little Lies’.

So let me know…. do you love or hate cardigans? Do you have a favourite or are you more of a  pashmina, poncho, shrug or jacket kind of girl? If you haven’t bought a cardigan for a long time look around…. Be it short and colourful, super long in a neutral tone, super girly with ruffles, sparkles and shiny buttons, a soft waterfall style or your hard wearing ever faithful black cardigan, (You know the one… we teachers always have one draped over the back of our chairs) I am certain there is a cardigan out there calling your name.

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