Pretty Woman

December 22, 2016

There’s no skinny models traipsing down the catwalk surrounded by all that glitz, but the fashion on offer is no less important to a special kind of woman looking to tune in to a new brand on the clothing block, “Not Old Yet” by Cuppa Tea Clothing out of Queensland’s Western Downes. 

jill-pinkThe line of clothing is the brainchild of Miles mother of three Sandra Chaplain, who runs a grazing property and butchery with her husband John at Miles, 340km west of Brisbane.

The former Occupational Therapist and Real Estate Agent decided to share the “Not Old Yet” style after watching her Mum and friends battle to get bright, comfortable clothing to spark up their lives.

As Sandra puts it, her Mum, who is 90, likes to be pretty.

“There’s a pretty girl inside every lady, no matter her age or size or shape, and we are answering that call,” said Sandra.

“Older ladies love fashion, but finding clothing that suits their needs is very hard.rose-front

“My Mum likes dresses and tops with collars and sleeves that are comfortable and easy to put on and wear.

“She likes pants and skirts with elastic waists and she likes beads and necklaces that don’t have fiddly bits to do up and pretty, soft scarves to dress her outfits.”

So for women who find contemporary fashion too tight, too short, not enough coverage, too uncomfortable, buttons hard to do up, can’t reach the zip, fabric too delicate or too scratchy, and can’t put the outfit on without help, then its time to go for a Cuppa Tea!

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