Spring and Summer Fashion Trends to Look Forward To

September 30, 2019


With winter nearing an end, it’s time to think about your post-layer season style and start breathing more life into your spring and summer wardrobe. Although these upcoming seasons are already known for their more playful side, Spring 2019 and Summer 2020 are also about making a bold sartorial statement by spicing up some classic staples. With that in mind, here are the key fashion trends you should keep an eye out for:

1. Bright Colours

Credit: Nanushka

One of our biggest takeaways from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in June was the use of bright hues that ruled the runways. The vivid shades of orange and purple certainly stood out from the sea of clothing, so don’t be afraid to add these zingy colours to your closet in time for spring, too. Wearing these colours for the upcoming seasons is a stylish way to not only kiss 2019 goodbye, but to also warmly — or shall we say brightly — welcome the New Year in.

2. Crochet

Credit: ASOS

Yarn for spring and summer? Yes, you read that right! Your favourite craft project has found its way to the fashion world as one of the trendiest textiles for the upcoming months. Aside from making a cute cover-up for your bathing suits, crochet pieces have enjoyed a sophisticated upgrade at the hands of style savants. For instance, these fresh crochet pieces from ASOS showcase the textile’s sexy yet chic vibe. And because its chunky texture already stands out, crochet looks need very little styling.

3. Shorts

Credit: The Zoe Report

While winter may be all about covering up your legs, spring and summer are the best time to show them off with a sleek pair of shorts! New and innovative styles have hit the consumer market of late. And the range of shorts featured on Woman Within show just how easy it is to style them for the spring and summer months. For example, a pair of bike shorts with a chic pullover is perfect for that carefree spring look. Meanwhile, pairing some Bermuda shorts with a crochet top can make a great summer ensemble.

4. Chunky Sandals

Credit: Hansel & Gretel

As you’ll start preparing your spring and summer wardrobe with some essential shoes, you’ll notice that the styles today are chunkier than ever before. Love them or hate them, chunky sandals are here to stay as they have captivated the fashion industry across the globe. If you’re a little hesitant about wearing this “controversial” type of footwear, hopefully, the fact that they are comfortable and versatile will give you the confidence to wear them. In this regard, Elle Australia’s charming selection of chunky sandals can inspire you this upcoming spring and summer. After all, fashion is about being fearless.

5. Bucket Hats

Credit: Cinq á Sept

Accessories like hats are often treated as an afterthought when it comes to planning outfits. However, buckets hats have changed this standard, as fashion mavens are making them the centrepiece of their outfits. More than just a trend, they’re also a must-have for the warm Australian sun that will soon be upon us. From straw hats to the classic bucket numbers, Who What Wear has a nifty guide on how to work this unique yet awesome accessory. Overall, it’s easy to make a style statement with a bucket hat, as it can elevate the simplest of outfits.

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