The Evolving Brow – Trends That Enhance And Hinder

June 12, 2018

If our eyes are the window to our soul, the eyebrows are the frame. Take away the practical function of them to prevent sweat and other debris falling in our eyes, they are important to how we communicate with each other.

So, what happens we start changing our eyebrows?  From thick to thin to pencil to shaved, the brow is constantly evolving. Some trends have been elegant. While others leave you wondering ‘what were they thinking?’

As brow specialist for over 30 years, we have looked at some of the recent trends in brow shapes and have our fingers crossed some never make a comeback.

Thick brow

Image: Stylecaster

The thick brow is the latest celeb trend. You only to flock through glossy mags to see the fuller brow is all the rage.  When you look at how a thicker brow transforms a face, it can really make you look younger.  But there is a difference between a thick well-groomed brow and a messy bush. Make sure you work with a good brow stylist to get the most out of yours.

Squared off brow

Image: Glossy Shops

Brows should compliment your face and consider your facial structure. If you have a smaller face with a small forehead, the squared off brow could be too much for your face.  A squared off brow can make your face seem a harder

Feather brow

Image: Cosmopolitan

This one seemed to come and go quickly. It was a style never seen before and could have sparked a revolution. While it was a heavily talked about look, it is distracting.  The eyebrows are key to making a face recognisable. When we mess with them too much, we change our face making it hard for people to know who we are.

No brow

Like anything you shave, hair grows back quickly.  Shaving the brow gives a quick dramatic effect but you have to keep doing it otherwise you end up with stubble. Putting a razor near that delicate area of your face can have nasty repercussions – shaving rash, cuts and ingrown hairs. If this is not enough to dissuade you from shaving your brows, know that it changes your whole face. A study done by MIT behavioural neuroscientist Javid Sadr found eyebrows are vital to facial identity. They are just as important as your eyes.  

Thinned brow

As women get older, our hair does tend to naturally thin and there are ways to fix your brow, so you can still frame your face. However, the skinny, thin brow keeps popping up. Big in the 20s and 90s, the thin brow creates a stark impression on those looking at your face.  Many who go caught up in the trend of over plucking in the 90s, still regret taking the tweezers to their brow.

While it is cool to keep up with the latest fashion trends, be mindful of how playing with your brow impacts your face and how other people see you. Sometimes, there is nothing nicer than a brow that has been shaped to naturally accentuate your face.

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