Hawthorne Garage: the joy of food

June 3, 2016

Greeted by a decal reading ‘the joy of food’ ... I knew I was in my happy place

Dan and Andy’s Hawthorne Garage lured me in with its free WiFi but truly earned my love with a wholesome-grocer-meets-café vibe.


  • Salmon and cream cheese bagel
  • Almond milk flat white
  • Coffee served with a mini gingerbread man
  • Gourmet cheeses and cured meats

My fave: wholesome-grocer-meets-café vibe

Tip: YouFoodz meals are available to buy in store


As you walk in the door you are immediately greeted by a display of fresh flowers and a big decal reading ‘the joy of food!’ By that stage I knew I was in my happy place, and I quickly moseyed on over to choose from the colourful array of sandwiches, wraps and salads at the deli counter.

Hawthorne Garage 1The $9.50 price tag for a salmon and cream cheese bagel was worth every cent. The amazing seed-studded bagel was toasted to a perfect texture, allowing the fresh cream cheese and smoked salmon flavours to dance on my tongue.

My delicious almond milk flat white came served with a mini gingerbread man, which tickled me pink. Free sweets are definitely the way to my heart.

Even though I had just done a grocery shop I couldn’t help but pick up some of the beautiful produce, sourced by a team who focus on supplying the highest quality of fresh fruit and veg.

I lingered over the array of gourmet cheeses and cured meats and promised myself I would return again soon.

Hawthorne Garage also offers catering services, custom-made hampers, and a good-looking website that is bursting with attractive imagery, recipes and information.

The converted petrol station is a charming choice for breakfast, lunch or a quick spot of gourmet grocery shopping. Don’t forget to bring your hessian shopper bag!

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