Small Steps In The Fight Against Waste

by Are you up for an important challenge?  When you next go to shop, see how you can personally reduce the amount of plastic you will take home.  Just try it. Being conscious about plastic is the first step towards your contribution […]

Why It’s Okay Not To Be Liked

by It can happen in an instant. You just know that someone doesn’t like you. What is your response? Move beyond your 100%, spot-on accurate intuitive assessment of this and begin trying sell how  great you really are? Behaviours can range from […]

Death in the Age of Technology

by ‘You are receiving this text message because you were in his contacts list on his phone and may not have been contacted by other means’. And so I heard of the passing of a work colleague from a work project I […]

Is Work Your Grind Or Your Play?

by I’ve long hated the concept of ‘going to work’. The routine, the set hours and the horror of being told when it was acceptable to take a break, a holiday, didn’t ever sit well with me, even from an early age. […]

The Risky Business of Middle Age

by Yesterday an interview on the radio reminded me that young people were usually risk adverse. Bloody lucky them hey? All free and easy and posting magnificent and exciting stories on Snapchat, all while looking like a bunny rabbit. It immediately struck […]

Saying Hello To Your New Adult Self

by Seems that lots of my friends have had a crazy start to the year. Conversations about how weird the times are, how frenetic the energy is between people. That things have been tense and long held structures are now shaky and […]

Recognising And Renegotiating The Mental Load

by I’m a week back from holidays in Fiji. Eight days with a long-time girlfriend spent in beach clubs, floating pontoons, swimming in crystal clear water, sail boats, champagne, great food and heaps of laughter. I have been stopped in the street and supermarket […]

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