You Only Need One Resolution For 2018

January 8, 2018

The end of the year signals a tradition where we decide on a few resolutions which seek to improve our life coming into the next year.  We laugh at how long we will be able to keep up the change; stick to the diet, exercise more, write that book, see more friends, take that trip.  Life gets in the way.  Routine, our predisposition to do the same thing, over and over, despite whether it remains good for us, keeps us stuck in places we don’t wish to be.

The pressure of this time of year is probably the worst place to begin active change within our lives. The very doing of Christmas is often a stressful phase for many.  We rush, we do too much of everything and all we hope for is find stillness.  Then we creep towards the 31st of December and we crank up our ‘to do’ list to try and reign ourselves in, for some purpose.  To be a better form our of ourselves?  What type of weird punishment is this?  Where is the love?  Surely we’d do better to honour ourselves with that, instead of a one to ten of what we must complete?

If we took a moment to reflect on the passage of time from one year to the next, we could see that in fact much has changed.  For some it’s all good and for others it could have been more difficult.  But the process of the human life sees us go through a multitude of shifts.  We don’t need to push ourselves further and beat ourselves up if we don’t achieve our goals.  Instead we need to be mindful of ourselves.  We need to be kind about what it is to live our lives and learn that we are not slaves to things like work, bad relationships, debt or misery.

It is said that if you look back upon a person’s life it will have played out like a perfectly written novel, with all the highs and lows, the drama, the passion and intrigue.  This is life.  Within this swirl of activity is the change.  To think we can control it or curb it is laughable.

I suggest instead that you spend your time acknowledging your past year, warts and all, with the glorious and the not so excellent, the times of sorrow and those snippets where your heart soared.  Let this be your compass.  Be your own celebration.

By knowing from where you have come you will be able to clearly see where you are headed.  Your direction will make more sense if you can understand the journey you are on.  It will shine a light on the places where you can do better.  There will also be a marker as to where you should ease off on yourself; where you need to be softer and more loving about who you are.  Compassion starts with self so perhaps begin there.

Also use this reflection to see where you sit within your own world.  From here you have a vantage point to see where to put your energy and where you should withdraw.  There is no sense in carrying unwanted baggage.  It creates nothing more than a heaviness which dampens the rest of you.  Move away from that which has no purpose anymore, whether it be work, friends or thoughts.  Pack them up and leave them at the gate.  Don’t get sad about dumping the vampires.

Importantly, gain momentum by the possibility of things.  Dream wildly, taking every opportunity in both hands, blindly following what the universe has in store for you.  Mostly, let go.  Be still and seek your peacefulness. Make a pact to quieten your life and see what you can find when you are waiting patiently.

In a world where negativity makes the headline everytime, head into your year optimistic and positive that you will do well, listening to your own needs and nurturing your desires.  Get comfortable with being honest about how you wish to spend your time and with whom.  Make your resolution for 2018 to simply be authentic.  That is more than enough.

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