Cork and Chroma Relaunch

August 1, 2023

It was a chilly Brisbane evening when the She Society team frocked up in black and white or monochrome, to excitedly head to the South Bank Headquarters of Cork and Chroma for the relaunch of their colourful and newly revamped space. Established in 2013, this year Hillary Wall and the team decided that their business, which has been successfully running  for ten years, needed a makeover and a little different feel. Having proudly fostered art experiences starting with some simple paint and sip classes, Cork and Chroma has emerged as a creative hub with a kaleidoscope of experiences and ways for people to connect, explore and flourish through art. Now they are ready to share their latest ventures which reaffirm their commitment to empowering the creative spirit within all of us. 

Marking a Mark on Southbank 

Popping up at South Bank in 2018, Cork and Chroma have cemented their presence with a stunning and multi – functional event space on Little Stanley Street and found legs in the outdoor portion of their tenancy in conjunction with South Bank’s weekly Collective Markets. Now offering a drop by option on Saturdays and Sundays, you can pop in and paint at your leisure. 

Founder Hillary Wall explains, “ We wanted to find a way to make painting more accessible, whether that’s the amount of time someone can commit to or the price point. Ultimately we are seeking ways for more people to experience moments of creativity in their day. We think it will make our city a happier place.”

The Club 

Further to unleash your creative potential you can step into The Club, Cork and Chroma’s monthly creative membership. A first of its kind, The Club is designed to provide a nurturing space for all, from beginners to seasoned creatives. Members of The Club gain access to a session each month, as well as opportunities to meet up with other members. It’s a community that fosters growth and consistency in their creative output. This vibrant community encourages members to experiment with different mediums, offers exciting first options of workshops and shares the joy of creating together. 

Embracing Change For A Brighter Future

Cork and Chroma has decided to focus its energies on creating vibrant creative hubs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. As part of this vision Cork and Chroma have decided not to renew their leases on the Montagu Road, West End and Sydney St Leonards spaces. By doing so they can commit to channeling their resources to strengthen the community and enriching the artists landscape of these three cities. 

Integrating Art Therapy : A Healing Journey

Recently Hillary Wall completed a Diploma in Art Therapy which has opened new avenues for Cork and Chroma. The team are proud to incorporate principles of Art Therapy into their offerings, enabling participants to find therapeutic release, personal growth and self expression through creative experiences. 

Hillary Wall says, “ I have always used my creativity to make sense of my emotions and get through my life. When I started studying I realised that much of what I’ve already created at Cork and Chroma plays upon the concept of Art Therapy, and I’m thrilled to push our limits at helping others access that through their creative action. “

A Multifaceted Journey of Self Development 

Cork and Chroma believes that creativity knows no bounds and can be a powerful tool of personal exploration and celebration. They now offer an extensive range of experiences, allowing individuals to find confidence, explore their sexuality, enjoy low – sensory evenings, practice mindfulness and celebrate pride through art, just to name a few. 

Hillary clarified, “We started ten years ago just shouting from the rooftops that painting was fun, that we could do this socially. Now, ten years in, the public is behind the concept and I think there’s room to push our skills collectively. We can now use our creativity for healing, for expression, for understanding of ourselves and the people around us. This is something that everyone will benefit from and I think our corporate clients in particular may find incredibly powerful for their teams. We actually use some off these concepts in house and we love the results we see.”

As we arrived at Cork and Chroma we were encouraged to share our creative superpower – mine was writing, of course. Guests enjoyed a range of art activities from painting and decorating plates, creating collage, vision boards and mosaics to painting and water colouring our own take home artworks, as we chatted to friends both new and old. It was a great time to share our personal stories in a relaxed and happy environment.

We sipped and supped on delectable Mediterranean inspired vegetarian dishes from Naim restaurant in Paddington and admired the new surroundings which included bright pink stairs, a colourful fridge, a cosy mezzanine level and soothing greenery and murals. It’s a space to inspire creativity and reflection and I can’t wait to see the future unfold in this special place which has already inspired a decade of creativity. 


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