Anthony Seibold To Return To Teaching 

April 9, 2020


You don’t need to tell me teachers are integral to society. I’ve been one for over 30 years and I always encourage graduates to add a teaching degree to their resume if they can. It’s a great skill to have as you can always do relief teaching , Australian teachers are valued the world over and you can work part time if you’re a parent. I’m guessing many parents are wishing they had a teaching degree now. I was at Teachers College with many rugby league and rugby union players. Yet it was still surprising to learn today that Brisbane  Broncos Coach – Anthony Seibold is also a teacher. 

There was an era where Rugby league and Rugby Union  players were semi professional and players still worked jobs on the side to support their careers. My Dad’s cousin Robert (Bob) Wood, who was a Reds and Wallabies player, was also a beloved teacher at Toowoomba Grammar and on the Sunshine Coast. 

The Super League Era ushered rugby league players into full-time professionalism. So what would players fall back on should their career come to an abrupt halt? This abrupt halt came in the form of COVID-19. It has derailed the NRL and ARU’s seasons. Clubs are flicking off the lights and standing down staff and players to make ends meet, so naturally you would hope that the modern player or coach has a vocation to fall back on.

Enter Mr Seibold! Last night Broncos coach – Anthony Seibold told Dobbo  fromTriple M Brisbane’s The Rush Hour with Dobbo that if a return to the classroom is what’s required to make ends meet then it’s something he’s prepared to do. Seibold holds a Bachelor of Teaching and a Master of Education which he attained after his playing career ended and he’s no mug either.The former Souths Coach also lectured in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland.

Good luck to the poor kid who gets out of line when Mr Seibold’s class is in session! It will be interesting to learn what other players and coaches are planning. To find out you can listen to the Rush Hour with Dobbo which returns weekdays at 6 pm on Brisbane’s 104.5 Triple M. 

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