Autumn – Winter Fashion Trends in France 2023

October 23, 2023

As I wander the streets of Paris, I’m noticing the chic street style and the amazing clothes hanging in the windows of the boutiques. It’s Autumn here. Jackets and scarves are making a comeback after a long and very hot summer. New season boots are gracing the shoe shops and classic knitwear sits neatly on the shelves. As we swelter through another scorching Australian summer these are the trends we can look forward to for our Autumn/Winter fashion in 2024.

1. Green – From Lyon to Aix and back to Paris again, green in all its hues adorns every shop window. Dresses, coats, leather or pleather pants, skirts and fabulous knits can be found in olive, army green, emerald, jade and sage green. Try a peacoat or full-length coat in olive or a soft emerald green knit to work back with black and tan. Green leather pants pair well with so many colours and will be a great addition to any wardrobe.

2. Bronze and Rust – I’m loving the rust woollen coats in the shop windows and the bronze metallic skirts with a tie waist. Modern combinations like rust with lilac or green are tantalising and knits in a shimmery bronze look instantly chic. Bags or boots in bronze can give a modern edge to any outfit.

3. Red – If you aren’t afraid of colour there’s a red to suit every colouring. From maroon to tomato red and everything in between you can add a pop of red to enliven any outfit. Try a pair of red ballet flats or red scarf if you’re not a fan of full-on red. The red suits in store are eye catching, and a bright red knit, or scarf can brighten even the gloomiest day.

4. Metallic Boots – Bronze, silver or gold … take your pick. In every shop window and at every price point there are ankle and full-length boots in a range of metallic hues. These add a touch of glamour to an all-black outfit or enliven your favourite maxi length autumn dress or skirt. I was glad to have my Frankie 4 Footwear gold boots in my luggage to add a little zing to my outfits. I received so many compliments.

5. Silver pants – Trinny Woodall has a pair, and these were seen on the streets in Paris every day. Silver jeans and skirts are modern and fresh and can take you from day to night easily. Wear with confidence as a neutral. I even saw a gentlemen walk past in silver jeans today. Silver is right on trend right now and I’m all for it.

6. Trench coats – A perennial favourite, trench coats are here to stay. We embraced them in Australia this winter and after wearing mine around Europe I love how versatile they are. If you are buying just one, make it neutral, black or navy. Colourful trenches are eye catching in orange, green or pink. I coveted a gold leather trench in Aix but knew that alas, it would be just too hot in Brisbane and would not fit in my luggage.

Being in France has reminded me to embrace the classics while adding a modern touch. I am glad my travel wardrobe has translated well and am happy to see my favourite – metallics being worn around the world. As always check your own wardrobe first before racing out to buy the latest trends. We are lucky to have the majority of brands in our major cities.You’ll be pleased to know that most of our fashion is now less expensive than in France. In 2024 embrace your individuality while giving a nod to the trends and you’ll always feel modern and well put together.

Au revoir!

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