Great Reads For Mother’s Day

May 7, 2024

I’m a sucker for a great book on Mother’s Day or any day really. It’s all I really need to keep me happy. From women’s fiction to fantasy, historical to nonfiction and a little romance there is a book to suit every mum. Here are just a few of my latest reads that your own mum might also enjoy this Mother’s Day.

1. Sisterhood by Cathy Kelly is a book about a woman turning fifty. Lou has always looked after everyone else. But at her fiftieth birthday party a secret is revealed which will upend her life. Her sister, Toni is having problems of her own. Although life has drawn them apart, if Lou is finally going to look after herself, she’ll need the help of her sister. They set off on a journey from the windswept Irish coast to sun – baked Sicily. It’s a lovely book about women finding themselves and those they can rely on.

2. The Radio Hour by Victoria Purman is a book about a woman who has worked at ABC radio for decades. Set in the 50’s in the time of the marriage bar, this historical fiction novel tells the story of one of the thousands of women who work without fuss or fanfare for little reward. When Martha Berry is tasked with helping a young male producer in creating the next big radio show, as the sun sets, she realises his incompetency and has to step in to prevent the shows impending cancellation. She begins ghostwriting scripts and the show is a huge hit. But Martha can’t keep her secret forever. Will she finally have her time to stand in the spotlight?

3. Tilda Is Visible by Jane Tara is an original contemporary story about women and being seen in the world. When Tilda Finch is diagnosed with invisibility, she is not overly surprised – she’s felt invisible for years. Tilda has a good life and a good business selling inspirational merchandise. But she’s never really recovered from her divorce. She’s lost sight of her real self. Can she change herself and face the trauma of her past to stop from disappearing completely?

4. Bright Shining How Grace Changes Everything by Julia Baird shows us how to find the glimmers and flashes of grace that are often fleeting and overlooked. These acts of grace are illuminating and transcending. We are asked how different our world would be if we were defined, or lit, by grace. What would happen to our heart, our health, our lives and the lives of others? This well researched nonfiction shows how our lives can be defined by acts of grace and kindness.

5. Fearless by Trinny Woodall shares ways to be fearless and how doing so will help us to achieve so much more. It shares practical ways from how we act, to what we wear, colours that bring joy and respect to outfits, makeup and hair to suit our every mood and intention. It shares her own journey to being fearless and ways in which you can become fearless too.

6. Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews is a sassy romance from Australia’s favourite romance writer. Beatrice Archer has always followed the rules but after a setback at work she is taking her life back and breaking all the rules. She moves to Nowhere, Colorado and is living life on her own terms. Now Bea has beer for breakfast and sugar for everything else. Then a much younger and attractively delightful cop comes into her life. Could Officer Austin Cooper be the one to help her out? He’s charming, a little bit cowboy and a whole lot sexy. But breaking the rules has consequences and all the cherry pies in Colorado can’t save Bea from what’s

These are just some of my favourites. Your local bookseller will be able to recommend many more. You can find all our book reviews here at She Society or share your own recommendations on our facebook page. Happy reading and Happy Mother’s Day.

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