Inspiration From Nature – Parisian Couture Designer – Armine Ohanyan

February 15, 2019

I have seen many runway shows but this year I was invited to my first Salon show. It was showing in the beautiful Hotel Plaza Athenee on Avenue Montaigne, one of Paris’ premiere fashion streets. I did not know what to expect but on my arrival it soon became clear. The salon run for several hours with the models parading individually in different parts of the opulent room or salon. There is a designated area for photographers, and each look is photographed individually before the model moves to each station in the room. The models have to change looks very quickly. Invited guests can arrive at any time during the time allocated and view the fashion for one run – through or several. It just depends on your personal preference. For me it was a great way to get up close and personal to the models and the fashion in a more intimate way, reminiscent of the great Couture salons of old.

The Salon presentation was from a new Parisian house of contemporary Couture- Armine Ohanyan. The collection was designed by Armenian born namesake, Armine Ohanyan and is made and designed in Paris. The house of Armine Ohanyan also designs Couture as well as menswear.

Her designs have been inspired by nature. In this latest collection the play between shapes, light and movement comes together to create skilful harmony. The‘ Deep Harmony ‘ collection represents all the richness of the sea floor, its intense colours and all its unique and surprising beauty. For an Australian, the theme alone was inspiring and the colours reminded me of my beach holiday at the Sunshine Coast. These designs are so different to any others I saw but I was very impressed by Armine’s ethos and her great interest in ecologically viable clothing. Sustainability is a topic of great importance around the world and it was wonderful to see a young designer embracing the challenge of working with new and unexpected materials.

The colours showcased were beautiful blues, sheer cream, bronze, lilac that faded to grey and had touches of silver, sheer lavender, palest pink and a vibrant fuchsia with little hints of black throughout. The unique designs were paired with absolutely amazing shoes in silver, pink, metallic lavender, a rust coloured booty and some lilac plus a covetable shiny blue. I may have had a little bit of shoe envy.

Armine’s designs reflect Nature’s beauty. However, the beauty of Nature is under threat from mankind so the designer draws attention to the causes of its destruction, such as climate change and other pollution on the species, wildlife and biotope.

Armine uses plastic waste as embroidery and illustrates the effects of pollution by showing, in her designs , the alteration of the colours in aquatic flora.

Her cutting edge design is futuristic and modern. Armine uses the new technology of 3D printing in her designs. She also uses less common materials like silicone and techniques like laser cutting to give her designs that modern edge. Armine Ohanyan represents a new generation in Couture design. This new generation of designers care about the environment, our ecosystems and sustainability and Armine Ohanyan’s ‘ Deep Harmony ‘ Collection was exciting, beautiful and inspiring on so many levels. She is one designer I will certainly be keen to see again and one to watch out for in the future!

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