Makeup Masterclass with Lancôme

June 14, 2023

One of “THE TALKS” at Australian Fashion Week invited guests to be a part of a Makeup Masterclass. Hosted by Lancôme we were invited to transform our makeup skills with a live demonstration from a team of industry professionals. This year was the very first time that French brand – Lancôme has partnered with Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. As a makeup enthusiast I was one of the first through the door, eager to learn some new tips and tricks.

For an insider peek at all makeup looks on the runway, we learnt from the best with the lovely Lara Srokowski, Lancôme Australia Beauty Director, demonstrating makeup techniques on the face of fashion designer, Sammy Robinson. Sammy is the creator of One Mile The Label. Beauty Influencer, Renee was our moderator.

This year make up is all about a signature skin with preparation, primer and serums providing a glowing canvas for the runway looks. Backstage the make up artists layered a lot of lightweight products. They applied beautifying lotions, serums, toners and rose spray. This ensured the skin immediately looked healthy, hydrating , glowing and ready for the catwalk.

Lara’s ultimate Lancôme product for every skin is Advanced Génifique which suits every skin type. Models at the show had it tapped on their cheekbones and lips just before they hit the runway. It is just one of those all rounder products which enhances the quality of your own skin.

Moving to the base Lara believes foundation in 2023 should be sheer and minimal, sometimes barely there, just using concealer to cover any imperfections. A light eye cream gives moisture to the eye area. Asked about the age old question of when to apply sunscreen Lara told us that after cleansing and moisturising is the correct time.

Lara suggested that when using our concealer it might be a good idea to have different colours for different jobs. Use a green based concealer to hide a pimple and a peach based concealer to cover the blue of under eye bags. I have just bought a specialist peach tinted under eye cream concealer from Smashbox and can’t believe the difference. It was a great investment.

To create a bronze sun kissed look you can blend bronzer in all those areas where the sun hits. The forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose and don’t forget under the chin to provide shadow and definition. Bronzer is big this year, even in the winter, so find one that suits your colouring.

Blush placement can be tricky. Lara agrees and said applying blush it is really about the shape of your face and the look you want to create. Blush can extend up above your cheekbones as we want everything to head upwards, particularly as we age. Sometimes a pink shade is more youthful. Brow gel should be applied in an upward motion too, to create feathery brows.

Foundation can be blended with a brush, sponge or your fingers, just buff in a circular motion to create more natural lines and build it up as needed. It’s good to have a summer and winter foundation as the skin changes colours with the seasons. The colour should mirror that of your body and décolletage , even though your face should be lighter if you wear sunscreen all year round. Don’t forget there is sunscreen in your makeup too, so that is extra protection for your skin.

Shades of coral for lips, cheeks and eyes will be big this year and are perfect with a bronzed look. To find the perfect shade for you it’s important to know your skin tone and undertone. Skin tones are generally light, fair, medium and dark. Your undertone determines whether you lean towards warm or cool colours. A cool undertone means you have a red, pink or bluish hue underneath your tan. Warm undertones present a golden or olive hue on your skin and have greenish veins. Check your wrist.

Then there are people like myself and Lara who present with neutral tones which means that luckily we can wear most shades. The best way to define neutral tones is if you have a mix of pink and yellow beneath your surface colour and your veins are a murky greeny bluish grey. Both silver and gold look good on neutral undertones and the same goes for your lipstick. Neutral tones suit most shades.

Mascara should be darker on the top lashes, with a softer brown or lighter colour looking more natural on bottom lashes. Winged eyeliner is still on trend but mostly on the top lid. Dark under eye liner can enhance any dark circles so save that for your sexy smoky eye night – time looks. One tip I’m trying to incorporate is to not pump the mascara tube. You need to twist it out so as not to let air and bacteria into the tube. It also stops mascara clumping.

Highlighter can also be blended into this look and in the shows this was very prominent. Shimmery cheekbones stood out under the lights and gave the models an ethereal look. Lara used a setting spray to give longevity to the looks. Powder is not the fashion right now but if you do use it just a light dusting of translucent powder will do.

In good news for lipstick lovers the iconic Lancôme Juicy Tubes will be making a comeback in a range of fun shades with all your favourite smells and flavours. A staple for us all at the blue light discos back in the day, it will be fun to see a new generation embracing them this time around. There will be over twenty different flavours to choose from to juice up those lips.

So tell me are you a make up lover? What are some of your favourite products? For me, my signature is a bright lipstick and lashings of mascara. My go – to products are the Rouge Dior lipsticks and Kevin Aucoin tubular mascara. I also love the classics like the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundations and I do change the formulation and colour that I use between Summer and Winter. Lara reminded us all that less is more when it comes to make up in 2023 and good skin preparation is the best foundation for any make up look.


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