There Is No Shame In Hiring A Nanny

January 23, 2018

If your maternity leave has finished and you are returning to work in 2018, a nanny/educator could solve a range of childcare issues. There’s no need to feel any shame or guilt either as there are various options and ranges of care that help make your life a whole lot easier.

A nanny/educator can be employed full time or just one day a week on a permanent or casual basis and can even be shared with another family to halve the childcare costs.

Some parents are eligible for childcare rebates when employing a nanny/educator, which also helps defray the cost.

Louise Dunham, CEO of leading nanny agency, Placement Solutions, said nanny/educators are proactive carers who provide personalised care to children in their own home and can be live-in or live-out.

“You can also opt for a combined nanny and household manager (HHM), who is able to help with things like meal preparation, washing and ironing, shopping, light cleaning, pet-walking and organising things that parents don’t have time for or would rather not do,” Ms Dunham said.

“If one or more children are starting back at school, either a nanny/educator or combined nanny/household manager can be involved in the drop off and pick up if they are under 12, which can ease the stress for working mums and dads. If children are over 12, the HHM can perform this task.”

Using nanny sharing or multi-care for in-home childcare is simple but Ms Dunham recommends families find another family that shares the same values and ideally has the same aged children.

“The way our agency operates nanny sharing is very simple,” said Louise Dunham. “It involves one nanny/educator caring for the children of two families at once, up to four children in total.”

The children from two families come together in one home usually alternating between the two homes every week.

Parents looking for quality in-home childcare service should investigate the options for a quality nanny/educator as they may actually be able to afford it.

Families who employ a nanny/educator or household manager need to ensure it is done legally, which means the person has to have tax taken out, superannuation paid and they receive holiday pay and sick pay.

An agency is usually preferred to organise this as they not only handle the nanny/HHM salary, but also find and vet suitable candidates.

When selecting a nanny/educator, Placement Solutions’ advises choosing one who has at least three years’ childcare experience and demonstrable expertise.

“In-home childcare is a profession not just a job. A nanny/educator’s role involves being 100 per cent present and in the moment for the child/children they are looking after.

“Children rely on this active presence and engagement; it’s how young humans learn and develop. They rely on all their carers to be hyper-vigilant, enthusiastic and above all, kind,” Ms Dunham said.

So while you go back to work and settle into your new routine, have peace of mind knowing your children will be taken care of in a safe environment.

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