The baby’s nursery: a big, happy mess

May 18, 2016

If any brides-to-be want to learn the craft of paper flowers, we would be so excited to teach you and your bridesmaids

Credit: Bubnest

I am now into my third trimester and feeling a combination of excitement, anticipation around managing two kids and lower back pain. Everything is going well and I think I need to start packing my hospital bag. Should I include my crochet hook or is that being silly?

Unfortunately the beautiful nursery that I have been working on has turned into the craft room again – full of crepe paper, floristry tape and prototype projects.

To some it would look like just a big mess, but to me it looks like ….  no, it just looks like a big mess. I am choosing to interpret this mess as a big happy mess that lets me know that I am so lucky to be able to craft as my job, not something I need to clean up before the baby gets here. If only our house had one more room.

Paper flowers for brides

Bubnest_flowersI have recently become somewhat obsessed with paper flowers. My business partner, Ana, is both pleased and slightly frustrated about this as I am meant to be working on a few other projects too. You can’t rush creativity Ana – unless there is a deadline!

The flowers look so beautiful, I wish I had been aware of them before my wedding, they would make such beautiful table pieces or even bouquets or the little flower pins the men wear on their jackets. Think of the flower girls! Eek, so cute! If any brides-to-be want to learn the craft of paper flowers, we would be so excited to teach you and your bridesmaids.

Dream catchers and mobiles

Credit: Bubnest
Credit: Bubnest

Last weekend my husband, toddler and I went on the Bubnest retreat to relax, kick back and unwind and so I could run a workshop for the mums on dream catchers and mobiles.

The workshop was so beautiful, set in a large lakeside tent amongst the rolling hills. Everyone sat on big cushions on the ground and the babies napped in their Bubnests while the mums cooed and strung fabric feathers on the mobiles for the babies to watch in the breeze.

My husband took our toddler kayaking for the first time and we are now already considering buying a kayak as he loved it so much.

We had a campfire, went swimming, patted the horses and tried to convince our toddler to nap in the tent while his new friends were playing outside in the rain – this did not go to plan.

Bubnest2_Crave for Crafts

It was a great trip, though I did find camping while heavily pregnant a bit exhausting, especially with the rain. The tent is still drying in the shed and I am still getting through all the washing as we pretty much packed our toddler’s entire wardrobe as you just never know what you will need with a toddler in the rain and cold weather.

Despite growing up a Scout and camping all my life, I think I may stay in a cabin or a house next time! Enjoy your craft and do join us for a workshop soon.

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