Beating Mansplaining, Imposter Syndrome And The Gender Pay Gap: The New Book Guiding Female Leaders To Success

April 17, 2023

Gold Coast boss mum-turned-author on a mission to empower women to find their voice. 

Gold Coast author and entrepreneur Jodi Cottle has released a new book, The Pocket MBA: A Woman’s Playbook for Succeeding in Business, helping the growing number of female business owners unlock their own potential and achieve the ultimate work-life balance.

Four years ago, Jodi Cottle moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast, said goodbye to her lucrative corporate career and became a Laser Clinics Australia franchisee. Today she’s still raking in a six-figure salary but has complete control over her working hours, and she wants to help more Aussie women find that balance.

“When I worked in corporate, I was doing the constant mum juggle,” Ms Cottle said, “I’d get up early, check emails before my son woke up, rush around the house and do the morning drop off.

 “I’d then go to work and have to sit through meetings where things were mansplained to me or where my male colleagues took credit for my ideas. I finally thought ‘enough is enough’!”

The Pocket MBA is a refreshing, easy-to-read playbook for aspiring female business owners, stepping them through the necessary measures to build their businesses and side hustles into functional and sustainable enterprises.

“My five-step program is all about helping women get off the hamster wheel and build a successful and sustainable business,” Ms Cottle said.

“The proof is in the pudding, my business requires less of me in it, I work from the comfort of home and I now have more time to spend with my family and explore my wonderful city.”

Jodi’s franchise has gone from strength to strength. She was awarded Laser Clinics Australia Franchisee of the Year in 2021 and Manager of the Year in 2022. Laser Clinics Australia General Manager Shannon Luxford says Jodi’s success can be attributed to her authenticity and the positive working culture she fosters at her Tweed Heads clinic.

“Jodi is a dedicated business leader, who is passionate about creating happy and healthy workplace cultures. She cares for her staff and is genuinely invested in their professional development,” Mr Luxford said. “We are so thrilled Jodi is sharing her wisdom with the next generation of business leaders and Laser Clinics Franchisees across the globe.”

To pre-order your copy of The Pocket MBA: A Woman’s Playbook for Succeeding in Business visit

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