How Plant-Based Has Permeated The Fashion World

June 9, 2021



Curve model Bruna Lapinskas in this fashion month is, Styled By Soulara. 

Fashion runways are typically an opportunity to showcase the hottest trends emerging from designers for the seasons ahead. 

With the growing conversation around vegan leathers, ethical textiles and sustainably sourced clothing ranges, capturing the current cultural zeitgeist, Soulara has moved into the spotlight alongside model, Bruna Lapinskas. A partnership built on the belief that plant-power and caring for the world around you is the definition of style.

On the heels of Australian Fashion Week, Soulara has partnered with one of the country’s most stylish and confident curve models, to highlight how important nourishing your body from the inside out is – particularly during a month that demands energy and optimal health from its attendees.

Indulging in plant-based foods makes you feel lighter, look brighter, all without skimping on nutrient intake. Many people don’t realise that plants can contain all the protein we need in order to remain energised, so why not add some diversity to your diet in the same way we do to our wardrobes?

“Taking care of your body and your mind takes time, especially when a fast-paced event like Fashion Week rolls around, meal services like Soulara are an absolute lifesaver,”  says curve model Bruna Lapinskas

“Plant-based living has evolved from just food, to now fashion, so this is a really refreshing way to put vegan meals on the map.”

Fashion and food surprisingly align in more ways than one. We’re witnessing increased inclusivity and diversity amongst models and magazines, with POC and curvy figures gracing our screens as they so rightfully should. This sentiment is replicated in how we view food sources now too. 

Whether you’re hoping to limit the amount of meat you’re eating or looking for more accessible vegan food options, brands like Soulara are making diverse diets more attainable, convenient, and approachable for the consumer. Forget the meat and three veg rule for dinner! There are no rules when it comes to your food of choice.

Avoid any fashion faux pas on and off the runway by adding some additional greenery to your next grocery (and garment) shop. Head to for fresh, plant-based meal inspiration, and diversify your diet today. 


About Soulara

Soulara is a plant-based, ready-made meal delivery company. Although we’re 100% plant-based, you’ll find no faux meat substitutes in our meals. Instead, we use nutritious plant-based sources of protein like beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh, and TVP. 

Our in-house chefs take inspiration from all over the globe to bring you new and exciting meals every week, while our in-house dieticians ensure each meal is nutritionally balanced. This allows you to get plenty of the nutrients you need to thrive while on a plant-based diet, even protein.

As well as being 100% plant-based, we don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavours to our meals and don’t freeze or vacuum-seal them. We cook them fresh and use atmosphere-modified packaging to keep the meals as nutritious and delicious as the day we cooked them. Due to this, you get to enjoy restaurant-quality meals for less from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re looking to explore the world of plant-based living and don’t know where to start or simply looking to eat healthier and enjoy more veggies, Soulara is an easy, affordable, and delicious option. 


About Bruna Lapinskas

Bruna is a young, passionate and pioneering curve model/influencer based in Sydney, Australia, who loves showing her audience of 166k how to embrace and style their curves.

Bruna has recently collaborated and modelled for the likes of Google, AJE, Forever New, Pretty Little Thing, Cotton On, Bras N Things, Nasty Gal etc. just to name a few. Bruna thrives on talking to and sharing her love for all things curvy fashion, body positivity, hair, beauty and health.