How To Host The Perfect Summer Picnic

February 20, 2019

The perfect summer picnic comes down to the location, the company and of course – a delicious drop of wine!

We spoke to Jacob’s Creek Winemaker, Trina Smith on some perfect wine pairings that work for any occasion with your gal pals.

An elegant charcuterie board in the park

If you’re lucky enough to have that friend who loves to entertain and has you all perched under a tree with the finest meats and cheeses then a dry French style rosé is what you need. To dial up the occasion, just add bubbles – a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé Brut Cuvee is a little bit rosé and a little bit bubbly, making it the perfect palate companion to your spread.

A cuddly blanket date with the girls

A spontaneous lunch date with your besties in the park, wrapped up in knits and blankets, calls for the delivery of finger-licking burgers and a rich, smooth bottle of red! Finished in aged whisky barrels, Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz pairs perfectly with smoky bacon if that’s the kind of burger you’re into!

A toast to the ocean by the sea

The ocean view and a dozen natural oysters, followed by some grilled fish and chips, deserves the addition of a white wine for a zesty and refreshing marriage. Jacob’s Creek Barossa Signature Reisling is our go-to for seafood pairings.

A summer’s afternoon to get the night started

If you’re catching up on the latest goss and soaking up the sun in the afternoon with some light snacks, a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spritz Rosé is a refreshing hybrid blend that’s perfect to pop as the sun goes down. This aperitivo style cocktail subtly blends bright Prosecco with pink grapefruit and botanicals to deliver a refreshing drink with balanced bittersweet citrus notes and juicy grapefruit flavour.

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