When tea is not enough: drinks that makes “cheating” worth it

August 20, 2016

I’ve been asked if I drink anything else beside tea. YES! Of course. But, I always tell them, the drinks HAVE to be worth the “cheating”

Since everyone’s into clean living nowadays, including me, tea—especially green tea—is ny number one go-to drink. It’s great for the body and although there is still minimal caffeine content, it’s still better than a can of soda with tons of sugar content.

I’m one of its advocates, and I’ve got my signature tea press pot both at home and in the office to prove it. It’s better than coffee too—it doesn’t leave that horrible after taste and bad breath in your mouth. No doubt about it—tea is awesome and healthy.

Other than getting the usual “how many times do you go to the restroom” (tea is a diuretic) questions, I’ve also been asked if I drink anything else. And the answer is… YES! Of course I do. But, I always tell them, the drinks HAVE to be worth the “cheating”.

Here are my faves:

Beer towers
Beer towers seem like an immediate “no-no”, but here’s the thing: you should only drink these with friends. Compared to drinking an entire bottle, it’s easier to pace yourself with these and who doesn’t love the usual chug of beer after an exhausting work week?

The Flaming Lamborghini
The Lamborghini is surprisingly sweet and it has a little punch from the flame, but it’s the preparation you can look forward to … it takes an expert bartender to prepare this unique drink. A precaution: be certain your hair is up and away from the flames before you take a sip!

Want a mojito but think it’s too cliché? The Southside is a better option. You don’t even have to go to a bar to enjoy this simple mix. All you need is a good bottle of dry gin, lime juice, simple syrup, and sprig mint. Easy, right? It’s super yummy too!

The Axl Rose Egg Shot
This one is quite the treat, and definitely makes it worth the cheat day. It’s a special concoction from an interesting restaurant that I visited in South East Asia. It consists of a shot of—raw egg (yes, raw), Golden Schnapps, chili flakes, and cinnamon. Unforgettably awesome!

Spiked Cocoa
Whether it’s for the holiday season or a cozy night in, a boozy mug of hot chocolate is enough to drive the tea habit in the backseat. Sorry, Tea, but chocolate + liquor = happiness. And, if you’re extra kind to your liver, you can always subtract the alcohol. When it comes to chocolate, it’s always a win-win, after all.

Go on, indulge

Remember, you have to give yourself a break every now and then. Indulging every little while will actually give you more motivation to drink more tea and eat healthy.

Cheers to healthy and happy drinking!

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