Awakening The Third Eye

April 12, 2017

I’ve always been interested in taking up a meditation practice and have downloaded various apps to help me along that journey.

I’ve also always associated meditation with “escaping” reality or at least with reaching a place where I could be aware of my thoughts without getting sucked in to them.

In saying that, as much as the intention had been there, I’d never truly felt that I had hooked into meditation deep enough to make it a regular part of my life.

Hence why when I was invited to attend the Clairvision ATE (Awakening the Third Eye) two-day meditation workshop I was intrigued and super curious to see what it was all about.

And what a treat it was! I was exposed to a whole new way of looking at meditation and experienced some very deep, emotional stages of consciousness that completely floored me, yet left me wanting more.

Clairvision faciliator, Matthew Holt was our teacher for the weekend and taught us that Clairvision was a kind of meditation designed to take people deeper inside themselves and that your study of self and spirituality was an ongoing, lifelong process.

“One of the things that would be different to many other forms of meditation, not including Buddhism, is that Clairvision offers a meditation training of depth which is something that may be a bit lacking in general meditation classes,” Mr Holt said.

“The Clairvision School is geared to offering a long-term training at a high level, with a real, rigorous training in vision and developing subtle bodies and inner spaces of consciousness to assist with the meditative process.

“It’s a systematic training in meditation and you could spend years studying and training with great intensity in the Clairvision work and there’d still be more for you.

“It’s something that would appeal to people who are seekers and who are looking for something more, something that has integrity and a lot of depth that can feed their yearning for deep spiritual knowledge.”

Established by French Doctorate of Medicine, Dr Samuel Sagan, the Clairvision School was originally founded in Australia in 1987 and is an international school of meditation based on years of research mapping different levels of consciousness and vision.

After several long trips to India, Dr Sagan wrote a PhD on the topic of chakras and subtle bodies in the Hindu tradition and for this work was not only awarded the title of Doctor of Medicine, but also a silver medal- the second highest possible award for a medical thesis in France.

In the early 1980s, he was so impressed with the results obtained through regression therapy that he made it his main therapeutic modality when working with patients and as a result over a period of fifteen years, developed the Inner Space Interactive Sourcing technique and the Inner Space Techniques of alternative therapy.

To find out more about the Clairvision School click here!

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