Aussie Anti-Odourant Helps Gift Givers Scrap Plastic This Christmas

December 12, 2019


Every Christmas, millions of unwanted gifts contribute to the 3.5 million tonnes of plastic Aussies throw out annually that end up magnifying the waste problem.

This year, 57 per cent of Aussie shoppers say they are eager to give sustainable gifts according to YouGov’s recent survey, while 23 per cent say they would prefer to receive a social-conscious gift this holiday season. 

Australia’s fastest growing natural anti-odourant brand, No Pong is one brand that is embracing this trend, having created an extremely effective anti-odourant product made from all-natural ingredients and using sustainable packaging.

No Pong founder, Melanie McVean recognises the importance of providing a green gift alternative that is as affordable as it is eco-friendly.

“Too often, buying ethically means buying expensively. From the actual product to the shipping costs, we always try and keep No Pong affordable for everyone. As you only need a very small amount of No Pong for it to be effective, the little tin goes a long way. 

“We believe gifting ethically is super-important and we’re proud to say No Pong is a 100 per cent all-natural, paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic-free stocking stuffer alternative this Christmas,” Melanie said.

A recent Canstar Blue study showed more than 90 per cent of deodorant products used in Australia come in aerosol and plastic form, specifically, 260 million aerosols are used by Australians each year simply trying to smell good.

To differentiate itself in a market dominated by aluminium and plastic packaging, No Pong uses a reusable, 35-gram plastic free, biodegradable tin package, ensuring environmental sustainability. 

“A lot of our customers reuse their tins. We’ve heard about them being used as soybean wax candle containers, earphone holders and even beauty cases. We’ve also partnered with a growing list of fantastic stockists who allow our customers to drop off their used tins to be upcycled, with any revenue raised shared with Aussie charities who also support sustainability, like Boomerang Bags,” said Melanie. 

On top of being 100 percent paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free, No Pong is specially formulated from organic ingredients like coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, beeswax, and blends of essential oils which makes it suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin.

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