Top Five Myths About Growing Older

August 13, 2018

Approaching the golden years is unavoidable and can create a level of uncertainty. Some of us celebrate birthdays with party hats on, whereas others run for the hills when the word ‘aging’ is mentioned. Regardless of which you are, it’s time to debunk five myths of growing older, and to help us do that, leading over 50s Insurer and creators of the Good Life Hub, Apia have partnered with Five Good Friends to set the record straight.

Retirement means downsizing

Every family and every person is different. As time goes on, personal motivations change and lifestyles develop from what they once were. But these transitions don’t necessarily mean goodbyes are in order for homes you’ve cherished throughout the years. Many people fear losing who they once were and where they used to be. The key is to plan for the future you want early on, to preserve it when the time comes down the track. When looking ahead, there are key factors you should consider, including the type of living you desire, the level of care you may need and whether an independent or community driven environment is  your preference. It’s important to think about the lifestyle you want as you age the support you may need to achieve that, to find the best option for you.

Say goodbye to socialising

As we age our time becomes more valuable, and who we choose to spend that time with is more important than ever. Maintaining a close circle of friends and family during our life is extremely important, but so is continuously making efforts to develop new and old friendships as time goes on.  Recent call data from Apia revealed that 20% of callers are simply seeking social interaction. Having a supportive and close network of friends can reduce those potential feelings of social isolation, which can ultimately be detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. Whether you reach out to a neighbour, old friend or a local community group, all are positive steps in ensuring a happy and fulfilled life.

Style stops in retirement

It’s time to fight the style eclipse! Aging should be celebrated with fabulous fashion and memories to last a lifetime. When it comes to walking the catwalk, being on the cover of magazines or walking down the street feeling great, age has no bounds. Just ask Mate Musk, a 69 year old model who has just graced the covers of Elle Canada and VOGUE Korea. Embracing your age and maintaining your sense of style will never go out of fashion.

Technology is designed for millennials

There’s no denying millennials are glued to their screens, but it may surprise you that a large number of older Australians are up to date with the latest Insta-story and Facebook Live to arrive on the scene. In fact, the sheer number of seniors using technology has increased over the last five years. Five Good Friends is one in-home care provider who understands the value of technology and have been utilising digital tools to bridge the gap and keep families, carers and individuals receiving care in touch, up to date and in control. You know what they say, don’t judge a tablet by its cover.

The gym is no place for older Aussies

One of the biggest myths around aging is that you shouldn’t continue to work out as you get older. Exercise is more critical than ever as you age, as it can prevent bone loss, improve coordination and balance, ease the symptoms of many chronic conditions, and not to mention those beloved endorphins. Whether it’s joining a local walking group, taking the dog out for a daily walk or hitting up your local gym, all steps are in the right direction to maintaining peak physical and mental fitness.

For more tips on how to celebrate your years and prepare for the ones to come, check out The Apia Good Life Hub or to speak to a Five Good Friends Care Advisor phone 1300 50 APIA.


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