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March 19, 2019

TUESDAY, March 19

PHOTO: Thelma Chiaka with medical staff after giving birth to four sons and two daughters.(Supplied: Facebook/Women’s Hospital of Texas)

A Texas woman has given birth to sextuplets including two sets of twin boys and one set of twin girls in under nine minutes at The Woman’s Hospital in Houston.

According to The Houston Chronicle, the babies were born at weights ranging from 1 pound, 12 ounces (794 grams) to 2 pounds, 14 ounces (1.3 kilograms).

They were said to be in a stable condition in the hospital’s advanced neonatal intensive care unit.

Ms Thelma Chiaka named her twin daughters Zina and Zuriel, The Chronicle reported.

She was still reportedly working on names for the four boys.

The babies were all born in nine minutes, between 4:50am and 4:59am, the hospital reportedly said in a statement.

It was not stated whether the babies were delivered naturally or through a caesarean section operation.

The delivery team, led by Dr Ziad Haidar, Dr Sharmeel Khaira and Dr Israel Simchowitz, said mother was doing well.

The Woman’s Hospital said the odds of having sextuplets were estimated at one in 4.7 billion.

PHOTO: Erika Chapman-Burgess (seated second from left) with her parents and siblings at her graduation. (Supplied: Facebook)


Singapore has been joined by Hong Kong and Paris as the world’s most expensive cities to live in while Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, currently in political turmoil, is the cheapest.

The listings are the result of a study by the The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) 2019 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey.

The report also found that the weaker dollar had made it more affordable to live in Australia’s five major cities as well as Auckland and Christchurch.

To rank the countries the EIU compared the prices of 160 products and services in 133 cities in 93 countries — all cities are benchmarked against New York, which has an index set at 100.

In this year’s top 10, Singapore represents the only city that has maintained its ranking from the previous year.

Zurich, Switzerland, came in fourth followed by Geneva, Switzerland, and Osaka, Japan.

They were followed in order by Copenhagen (Denmark) and New York (US), equal and then Tel Aviv (Israel) and Los Angeles (US), also equal.  

The second cheapest city is Damascus (Syria) followed by Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Bangalore (India), Karachi (Pakistan) and Lagos (Nigeria), Buenos Aires and Chennai (India) and New Delhi (India) tenth cheapest.


One of the men who tackled a teenage boy who egged controversial Senator Fraser Anning in Melbourne posted a disturbing video online after the Christchurch massacre.

Neil Erikson was one of four men who helped restrain 17-year-old Will Connolly after the teen broke a raw egg on the Queensland senator’s head on Saturday.

The far-right agitator was once convicted of inciting serious contempt against Muslims when he staged a mock beheading

Another ultra-nationalist, Ricky Turner, was holding Mr Connolly around the neck while two other men held the teen’s legs.

On Saturday morning, as New Zealand was coming to terms with the country’s worst ever terror attack, Mr Erikson posted a video on YouTube.

He called the attack “a big news day for the leftists”, said the deaths of 50 people at two mosques was “karma” and declared “we’re the sleeping dragon and we have woken”.

“What do you expect is going to happen,” he said. “Don’t play the victims now.”

Mr Erikson was at the Moorabin event to support Senator Anning who received just 19 personal votes at the last election, skating into the Senate as a member of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party when the original winner of the seat was disqualified for having dual citizenship.

Within days he had left One Nation.

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