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October 28, 2019

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MONDAY October 28 

A 38-year-old mother of two young sisters who were found dead in their Perth home on Friday has been charged with two counts of murder. 

The woman, who police have not named, was being treated for self-inflicted wounds after she was found at Mullaloo Beach on Friday night. 

The woman will face Stirling Gardens Magistrate’s Court on Monday. 

10 year-old Mia and six-year-old Tiana, were found dead in the family home in northern suburb of Madeley. 

It is believed the girls were found by their father when he returned home from work late on Friday afternoon.

The girl’s mother was too ill to be interviewed initially, and police said her injuries were not life-threatening. 

Assistant Commissioner Paul Steel said yesterday the cause of the children’s deaths was still being determined by police and medical experts. 

He said the girls’ father was helping police, and they were providing support to him.


Gmail customers are being warned to pay attention to the fine print following Google’s decision to restrict ‘free data’. 

According to Bloomberg, “The Alphabet Inc unit has whittled down some free storage offers in recent months while prodding more users toward a new paid cloud subscription called Google One.” 

“When people hit those caps, they realise they have little choice but to start paying or risk losing access to emails, photos and personal documents,” technology writer Gerrit De Vynck said.

Chromebook and Pixel 4 phone customers have also found their free data allowance disappearing or no longer being offered. 

Chromebook users used to be eligible for 100 gigs for free over two years, however in May 2019 it was reduced to one. 


Doctors are warning people about the potentially irreversible damage that can be done after a man went temporarily blind while playing games on his phone before bed. 

The man says that he momentarily lost his sight after playing games on his smartphone with the lights off. 

Medical professionals say he suffered from what is known as an “eye stroke” and the damage can be devastating. 

He told the South China Morning Post, “I was using my right eye to look at my phone and I could see some words but not others.”

According to Wang’s doctor Lei Tao, his temporary blindness was caused by an “overuse of electronic items,” which can lead to “excessive strain on vision”.

“The occurrence rate is getting higher each year, and there is a trend of younger victims.

“The rate of permanent blindness is also high, which can seriously affect the patient’s quality of life and contribution to society.”

The report states an ocular clot can result in severe vision loss if it is not treated immediately, however others suggest it is quite a rare condition.

However, Dr. Gareth Lema, a retinal surgeon at Mount Sinai’s New York Eye told the New York Post that such a claim should be backed up through clearer documentation.

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