A Treatment That Is Actually GOOD For Your Teeth

December 20, 2021

When I was greeted at Racecourse Road Dental by bright smiles, I knew that I would be walking out with a brighter smile myself in little over an hour.

SheSociety was invited to review the new in-chair professional teeth whitening by Hismile, an innovative tooth whitening treatment endorsed by the world’s top dentists, setting a new standard for professional smile care.

I am aware of the Hismile brand, the Australian born global leader in smilecare, and have even tried their strips over the years and have loved them, but this in-chair treatment was more appealing and with only one dentist in Brisbane offering this service, I felt I was in for a treat.

As a side note, when I was in Bali a couple of years ago, there was a teeth whitening shop with tourists lining up for their turn to come back to Australia with a bright smile. The temptation was there but due to the lack of the backing from a professional dentist, I steered the other way.

There is definitely confidence in a product when it is backed by a global team of experts. The expert behind this treatment is Prof. Laurie Walsh and says that the new PAP+ formula is a global first. Launching in partnership with global dental authority, Professor Laurie Walsh and some of Australia’s most renowned dentists, Hismile is continuing its development of cutting-edge products for use by professional dentists. 

The new in-office treatment combines an updated brand patented PAP+ formula and VIO405 light technology never seen in the industry before. These, along with the promised expert supervision and tailor-made treatment plan ensure the experience will be the most effective, safe, and elevated whitening experience on the market.

The PAP+ treatment is unique as it doesn’t use peroxide, the traditional ingredient used to whiten teeth. Peroxide is known to demineralise teeth and leave them weak, exposed and sensitive. Instead, Hismile uses PAP, this magic ingredient for whitening not only leaves your smile brighter and healthier but adds the guarantee of no pain or sensitivity.

Continuing to cement their reputation as the leader in the category with the launch of PAP+’s in-clinic treatment, Hismile has addressed the usual concerns around teeth whitening, offering a product which doesn’t cause sensitivity or tooth and gum damage. This is the part I was interested in as I do have a tendency for sensitivity.

On arrival I was advised of the process which consists of an hour treatment, split into 15 minute segments. The pause in the treatment allows for the clinician to reapply the product to your teeth.

Bec Getting Treatment

With my mouth wrenched open and I had to stay in one position, I thought the next hour would be excruciatingly long. Luck would have it, there was a TV overhead streaming a travel show with subtitles which took me all over the world. What was also clever is that the team at Racecourse Road Dental cleverly selected a program that ran for 15 mins, so it really made each milestone bite size.

And after the treatment…. Ta Dah! A couple of shades lighter but not too dramatic (which I feared). If I want to continue my journey and have a smile that needs you to shade your eyes, I would go a few times a year or even up-to to once a month. However, as advised by the professionals, once or twice a year is adequate depending on the outcome you would like. I found that this treatment achieved natural white teeth and without pain or sensitivity. 

The investment is $800 and from this you know that you are not dicing with products that could essentially ruin your smile rather than improve them. You only have one set of teeth and you don’t want to take any risks with that. 

Before and After Hismile



No sensitivity during or post-treatment

No tooth damage or enamel erosion

No need for a protective gum shield during the treatment

Improved enamel structure and reduction of pre-existing tooth sensitivity

To find your nearest location for the new in-chair professional teeth whitening by Hismile visit their website  https://hismileteeth.com/pages/hismile-professional

If you are in Brisbane and would like PAP+ teeth whitening to brighten your smile ready for the New Year, you can have this treatment done at Racecourse Road Dental, which currently is the only location to offer this treatment. 




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