Angie Kent’s Top 7 Shows To Watch When You’ve Watched Everything 

September 6, 2021


It’s getting to that time in life and lockdown when many Aussie’s have got into a bit of a streaming rut. Whether you’re watching Friends for the 10 billionth time or mourning the end of Love Island UK and looking for a new obsession, chances are you’re in need of a little TV shake-up.

Enter Angie Kent, ex-Goggleboxer and current TV addict, who has teamed up with Amazon Alexa to share her favourite obsessions for Aussie’s who’ve already watched everything. From raw and relatable Aussie classic Love My Way (Stan), to ridiculously posh British reality romp Made in Chelsea (HayU) and disturbingly gripping thriller You (Netflix) – and the good news is you can access them all, and many more of your favourite streaming services*, on the Fire TV Stick 4K

You know your girl loves a night in front of the couch watching her shows, so if you’ve got  yourself stuck in a re-run rut here are some of my absolute favs you should definitely have on  your watch list! 

I’m also a subscription junkie and my life has been made so much easier with the Fire TV Stick  4k from Amazon. No matter if you have an old standard-def TV or an all singing all dancing 4k  HD bad boy, the Fire Stick is gonna bring you all the goods. It’s all your apps in the one spot so  Alexa can do the hard work across Netflix, Stan, 7plus, ABC iView, Hayu blah blah etc etc.  Seriously though, Alexa is the closest thing I’m getting to a hot date this lockdown. I’m not even  mad about it. 

Love My Way (Stan) 

This show is Australian royalty. The cast is a POWERFUL breed of Aussie talent. A group of  thirty something year olds just struggling in life but doing the best they can with whatever  horrendous situation pops up. AKA life. It is so real and so raw it actually hurts to watch at  times. It is also so incredibly relatable in the that everyday Aussies would actually go through  most of what they go through, but we probably don’t even realise that we are all battling in some  way, and this show just puts it right in your face. I cried when I realised there was only 3  seasons.  

Fleabag (Amazon Prime Video) 

It’s British it’s a drama and a comedy and it is delicious. Again, another one of those shows that  is so vulnerable and hard to watch, probably because it is so relatable. Fleabag is so incredibly  riddled with grief and issues but you also find her so endearing as she navigates life in London  

and all the absolute rubbish that life has thrown at her. I was obsessed with season 1 and I  totally just realised season 2 is out now so I am going to go lock myself in my room for the next  6-8 hours or so. K bye.  

The Beautiful Lie (Netflix, ABC iview, 7Plus) 

Is so sexy and full of love and lust and mistakes and you’re often like why NO STOP! but you  also can not look away. Sarah Snook is a dream. As per usual. And the chemistry between her  character Ana and Skeet is so delicious and un forbidden and for once in my life I actually feel  so sorry for the husband, who is played by the always scrummy Rodger Corser. Ana is happily  married and then she meets one younger guy… who changes everything! I just love me some  Aussie content. It is so tender and unhealed. That’s why it is so damn good.  

Fresh Meat (ABC iview, Prime Video) 

I have watched Fresh Meat at least 4 times and I always find something else to absolutely LOL over. It is another British Comedy / Drama (but mostly comedy as it is so funny I often steal  most of my one liners from there) It’s about a group of university students that are all so  completely different yet all equally as confused and disarrayed as one another. The painful yet  hilarious truths of being a student in the UK. Did I mention they are housemates and often get  messed up in a web of romance, booze, drugs and sex. Binge it ASAP!

Made in Chelsea (HayU)  

Look, this one is hard to admit to. But I am obsessed with Made in Chelsea. Especially the original episodes. I just love watching people that I would never get to hangout with in real life,  and see what they get up to on the other side of the world. Most of them are too rich to even  function and the way they talk and fight in their extremely posh accents is always too good to  not binge. I sometimes just have it on in the background like they’re my posh mates hanging out with me at home. It’s reality trash tv at its finest but you really get attached to the people /  characters.  

Looking for Alaska (Stan) 

Based on the novel, which I loved and highly recommend you read first. But also, maybe not because then it does give the ending away. It’s an American teen drama about an introverted boy who starts boarding school and becomes friends white a tight knit group of cool outcasts.  

Of course, a tragedy strikes and you navigate this tragedy with them through all their eyes. It’s also a story of love. It’s pretty intense yet also light hearted. It’s only one season so you can  binge it so quickly. 

You (Netflix) 

If YOU haven’t watched YOU then where have you been hiding the last 3 years or so. It’s about  this book store manager who you almost feel sorry for and then BAM… how far will he go for  love. And when you think he is already SO in love with someone, he falls even harder for his  next victim. I can NOT get enough of this sick twisted show. I am hanging out for season three.  Once you pop you can’t stop. I watched season 1 twice already. Yes, apparently, I do have too  much time on my hands. Or perhaps not enough as there is still SO many delicious shows I  want to sink my teeth in.

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