The A, B, C’s Of Squashing Sickness This Season

September 1, 2017

The key to a bullet proof immunity this cold and flu season begins with real fruit and vegetables, from farm to table, according to Your Local Fruit Shop retailers.

Over 80 Queensland retailers have pinpointed the healthiest sources of natural over-the-counter remedies to bolster your defences and ward off colds – but warns families to be diligent with selecting where they stock up.

Peter Maniatis, Owner Principal of Superior Fruit of Graceville, says the best medicine is often found in produce that is delivered freshly and directly from the farm to the store.

“One of the best and most versatile produce that we have been recommending to families to fight the cold and flu this season is broccoli,” Mr Maniatis said.

“Because it is delivered fresh right from the farm, our broccoli will be at its most nutritious and its key vitamins will be even stronger to combat even the worst winter viruses.”

Your Local Fruit Shop retailers also recommend citrus to combat sickness in the winter time, in particular oranges.

“Key produce families should keep top of mind when deciding on weekly meals are red capsicums and oranges to get a heavy dose of Vitamin C, especially with less time in the sun,” Mr Maniatis said.

“Pumpkins are also a great source of Vitamin A; mushrooms are rich in zinc and bananas are a great source of fibre – these all keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

“It’s funny actually, most people don’t realise how great of a natural antibiotic garlic is until we recommend it for warding off sicknesses.”

Brisbane Broncos star and Your Local Fruit Shop Ambassador Sam Thaiday says that winter is the perfect time to brush up on exactly what you should be eating to give your body the best chance of ‘sickness survival’.

“There’s always a spike in sickness this time of year, so when it comes to my family’s health, I want to ensure they’re getting as many nutrients as possible from what they’re eating to strengthen their immune system,” Mr Thaiday said.

“I know that I feel a lot more confident trying to convince my little one to eat her veggies Peter Maniatis says it all comes down to supporting the local community by being Queenslander grown and trusted.

“At the end of the day, we are a proud local fruit and veg shop because we know that what leaves our shop and ends up on our customer’s fork is 100 per cent fresh and healthy,” Peter Maniatis said.

Your Local Fruit Shop is proudly Queenslander grown and Queenslander trusted, and retailers across the state are committed to always stocking the best and freshest of ingredients to keep your family well this season and make our future Queenslander’s strong.

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