Big BOOTY Biatches Unite!

August 8, 2017

So why is it so hard for a plus sized girl to hire something to wear to a fancy function? Honestly, does the world not think that big girls go to fancy functions? I mean seriously world, I am a big girl and I go to fancy functions all the time so give me a little break! It is hard enough buying everyday clothes for a size 14+ in this world anyway so I don’t know why I thought it would have been an easy process!

Going through all of the hire places online the only plus sized outfits that I could hire were Camilla Kaftans that were about 5 years old, and when I asked if they were available, they were all already taken for the weekend that I needed them.  I’ll tell you why that was, because all the other bloody gorgeous big booty biatches out there had already hired them!

Come on guys, I know all the problems associated with being overweight, etc, etc. I hear it most days from the people around me.  But newsflash guys, I am overweight currently and it isn’t going to significantly change in the next couple of weeks, I am not going to be a size 6-8 in a month so can we work with what we’ve got ATM…and besides, I am not the only size 16 in this world that needs to look the goods for particular fancy functions!

So note to all of those places that hire outfits in this world… There are MANY bigger girls that want to wear something nice. Something that doesn’t scream ‘I’m overweight so I can only wear a sack’ – or ‘I found this last minute on a hire website, it hasn’t been worn for 5 years because nobody likes it!’. Can you guys work with us and provide us with the Australian designers that have size 14 + available for us to wear? I promise you, you will do very well – I will be hiring quite often!

After the above drama of only having size 6 outfits to choose from which really would have been a sock on my fat foot, I then HAD to go out and QUICK buy a new Camilla which has set me back a small house deposit. I then had to get new shoes from ZOMP which was across the road, and then of course to over compensate for the large breast shelf I own or possibly the wobbly butt that follows me around every where I go I got my make-up and hair done. Soooo… I am now very poor and I will be living on miso soup & crackers for the next month… However this doesn’t mean that I will become a size 6… I promise that my butt will still be the same size as it seems to like staying with me.

If anyone out there knows of some hire places online for gals like me, let me know! I want to contact them and use them all the time and pass the word out to all those on struggle street like me!

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