Brunch Lovers Unite with mYmosa

June 22, 2022

There’s nothing like a fruity, ice cold mimosa in the sunshine. 

A lip-smacking combination of sparkling wine and orange juice, mimosas bring merry–making to any occasion.

Forget lugging bottles of sparkling wine and jugs of orange juice to picnics and catch-ups. Your beverage prayers are answered with the all new mYmosa

The brainchild of founders Bec and Amanda during the pandemic, mYmosa is the perfect beverage from brunch to the dance floor. A mimosa in a can, designed for convenience and a good time. 

Formulated with Australian carbonated classic dry white wine and natural orange flavours, mYmosa is Australia’s first classic mimosa in a can. 

‘Bec and I have always been known as the first to start a party and last to leave,’ says Amanda. ‘It was a natural progression to create a beverage that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, anywhere and at any occasion.’

With a background in marketing, media and communications for a combined forty years, Bec and Amanda dreamt of owning their own beverage ever since a trip to New York in 2017. Sitting on a rooftop bar, they were presented with sparkling Rosè wine in a can. Struck by the novelty of canned wine and mimosa cocktails for breakfast, Bec and Amanda longed to bring the idea to Australia. Five years, one pandemic, and dozens of trial cocktails later, mYmosa was born. 

‘Working in marketing and communications, we make dreams come true for clients bringing their businesses to life, so it was time to bring our own dream to life.’

It hasn’t been all sunshine and oranges to get the product to where it is today. From dreams to conception to reality, the research and development saw many funny stories and also a few roadblocks in their way, however it didn’t stop the female founder duo.

‘We are a classic start up story where the kitchen bench, a soda stream, ample variations of wine and orange became our laboratory. Fast forward, we have worked with a formulation team, a winery and a manufacturer to create our little darling. We are in the process of new formulations to add to our brand and can’t wait to see it in the hands of Australians living life like it’s bottomless,’ says Bec.

The innovative brand is vegan, gluten free, and has no added sugar with 250mL cans that are packaged conveniently in packs of four or cartons of sixteen. mYmosa is environmentally conscious using cans that can be recycled, with no leftovers and suitable for no glass areas. 

Never a dull brunch or beverage hour again!

You can purchase your own mYmosa in retail shops Black Sheep Bottle Shops, Bardon Cellars and Harry Brown Liquor. 

If you prefer to have them delivered to your door visit

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