Fizz And History!

March 14, 2017

One of my favourite things about being in the UK is my proximity to Champagne!

It’s my tipple of choice. There is just so much availability and affordability here. You can scoot down to your closest corner store and pick up a proper French bubbly for a tenner. And its good!

I’m not a wine connoisseur – I’m a romantic. It’s the squeak of the trapped cork coming undone, that anticipation before it pops and the fine applause of the bubbles as it hits the glass.

I love the whole story of Champagne…

In the heart of the Champagne district, in Rheims Cathedral back in 1654 King Louis XIV- the Sun God took his first sip of champagne at his coronation. Following, it is said he rarely drank anything else.  

In fact, for the most part of his life, Louis XIV took champagne with every meal to benefit his health following strict instructions from his physician, Doctor Antoise d’Aquin. (Yes, you could lift your game here Medicare).

With its growing popularity at Versailles, it was soon served at the tables of the wealthy French nobles and its popularity spread throughout Europe and Russia. Champagne was on the map!

And now – over 350 years later, here I am caught up in my own romantic Champagne tizzy and I’ve gone and done something awesome.

I’ve just ordered a case of vintage “sparkling wine” (can’t say champagne here) Produced by the Queen. Yes the real, actual Queen from the grounds around Windsor Castle.

After five years in the making, the wines were released to mark Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.

3000 Bottles were put out a few months ago and all sold out it seems before they even went on sale (Camilla?). But with a bit of persistence I have managed to pre order online a case for it’s next release in October this year.

It doesn’t cost the earth at £35 per bottle– not for what I think is a fab investment.  Recommended to be drunk by 2025 but for me even better to keep it for it’s story.

Imagine cellaring it. Handing it down to family and in years to come they wipe the dust off a bottle of Queen Elizabeth 11s’ own brew.

Yes – I’m a romantic – not a connoisseur.  It can taste like crisp brioche or a sour fish soup for all I care.

I just love the whole story of Champagne.


Tanya Bulmer is an Aussie Expat living in the UK.  She can be heard weekly on ABC radio’s, Southern Queensland Drive Program.

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