Cryptocurrency Early Adopter Tracey Plowman Reveals Why Women Should Be Snapping Up Crypto

October 5, 2021



The newly-appointed Chief Operating Officer of cutting-edge micro-investment app, Bamboo has turned her passion project into a career.  Four years ago, brand and marketing expert, Tracey Plowman, discovered cryptocurrencies while helping a digital investment fund with a brand re-fresh – a role which saw her promoted to operations management within the firm.  

 A self-confessed mathematics nerd, Tracey was compelled to learn everything she could about the science of blockchain in order to become an active trader.

 “Crypto for the last four years has been my after-hours job – reading up on it and learning as much as I can – and what I discovered was that I was really good at the fundamentals, so I could intuitively pick things that I felt would work in the long term,” she said.

Tracey signed up for online courses, studied YouTube tutorials, and dedicated herself to understanding how to read the charts associated with cryptocurrency trading.  

 “My day-to-day work is within the crypto industry, which is great, but it became my passion outside of work before I was able to step into the business at Bamboo full-time,” she said. 

 Tracey acknowledges finance is an industry which has always been heavily dominated by men and that while the cryptocurrency and digital assets space is also currently lacking in female voices, she is looking to change that.

“There’s such a big opportunity for women now to get involved – I’m constantly telling all the Mums at school pick-up to jump on the Bamboo app and get a crypto portfolio together, because it’s the early adopters and people who get on board now that will see the real benefits,” she said.   

“Over the last 18 months, a lot of those Mums at the school keep telling me how much they’ve made and how they’re going to take their money out and go on a holiday or buy a Thermomix.

“You can just open up so many opportunities for financial goals and freedoms – something women really need to focus on in order to protect their wealth into the future,” she said.

Bamboo’s aim is to remove barriers to entry for people interested in cryptocurrencies and make investment in things like Bitcoin and Ethereum accessible to everyone.  Users can download the app, connect their bank account and start investing, using features such as round-ups from everyday transactions to effortlessly invest their money. 

Tracey says a study published in Forbes magazine last year revealed women perform as well, and sometimes better than men in generating returns on investment in the digital assets space, and yet only very few women hold digital currencies.  

“Women know what they’re doing when it comes to money – most of us look after the household budgets and if you can manage that, you can definitely make a bit of money on the side through crypto investments on your Bamboo app,” she said.

Tracey’s early interest and investment in crypto has paid for family cars, a home renovation, family holidays and has set up her own future and she is excited to share her success with other women.  

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