Entering a New Decade… 

December 20, 2019


The approach of 2020 means we will be entering a whole new decade. Bring on the 2020s! 

Looking back at 2019 there has been so much that has happened, however when we delve back even further it is crazy to see how much things have changed since 2010. 

As a whole, 2010 was a weird year. From Entertainment to Fashion there were so many things that have changed, and some of them are for the good. Here are some of the top things SheSociety forgot happened in 2010


  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were dating. Throw back to everyone’s favourite vampires, who fell in love on-screen and off. Alas, it was not meant to be, with the couple eventually separating. 
  • One Direction was officially created. Five boys auditioned for X Factor UK separately and were put together to form the ultimate boy band of the decade. While they have since gone their separate ways, the boys are still in the hearts of many as they pursue their solo endeavours. 
  • Lady Gaga wore that meat dress. One of the most controversial dresses of all time, and one that will probably never be forgotten. While our gal Gaga was making headlines in 2010 for a meat dress, in 2019 she captured audiences  by making her acting debut in A Star Is Born. 


  • Angry Birds. The app which took over everyone’s phones in 2010 and was a massive phenomenon. Since then, the app has been made into a movie and even has merchandise. 
  • The iPad was just released. Can anyone else believe that the iPad was only released 10 years ago! Now they are a mainstream function in a number of households, and a tool that some people can’t live without. 


  • Side Bangs. Thank god this trend fizzled out! 2010 saw the rise of the side bangs, which was fashioned by both genders. Teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber rocked the look and with each flick of his hair a trail of screams followed. 
  • Flower Crowns. This look is still seen now, however was certainly a lot bigger in 2010. You could hardly attend any sort of event without a gal wearing this flowery accessory. 


  • 2010 saw the creation of one of the stupidest fads (in my opinion) of all time… Planking. This fad saw people across the world lying idly in public areas, or at dangerous heights to ultimately get an image to share on social media. There was literally no point to this fad, it did not help anyone in any way. The fad resulted in some deaths of extreme plankers, who were going to dangerous lengths to get the perfect picture. Safe to say, we are glad this one is no longer a ‘thing’. 

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