Feng Shui Your Living Space for Positive Energy Flow

July 9, 2019

There comes a time when you need to bring some small changes in order to make your home a more pleasant place to be. Bad energy can accumulate easily, which can disturb the balance and disrupt the harmony of our everyday lives. In order to promote a positive living space, many homeowners are turning to feng shui as a way of bringing good energy into their homes. Perfect for restoring balance in your abode, this ancient Chinese practice will help you create a space that is in tune with your inner self while simultaneously promoting healthy and positive energy flow. Breathe more life into your interiors by following these five feng shui tips. 

Purge your home of clutter

In order to create a space that is cozy and inviting, you need to make sure that there is no visual clutter present since it can disrupt the balance of the room. Clutter and solid, positive energy are mutually exclusive – they simply can not co-exist according to feng shui. Therefore, an essential first step would be to declutter your home. Doing so can help restore a good feng shui energy, Sheng Chi, in a space that is infected by clutter, thus clearing your living space of all the negative energy or Si Chi. Go through your belongings in order to declutter your living space, leaving only those things that “spark joy”. 

Introduce plenty of light 

Light is an essential component of good feng shui, so it would be a good idea to give your room as much natural light as possible. Poor lighting can affect your mood negatively, so try to introduce both natural and artificial light to create a space that is pleasant and welcoming. Pull the curtains and open the blinds to let the sunlight fill your space, and consider layering several different types of lighting to ensure your living space is well-lit. Illuminate your space by using ceiling fixtures, floor and desk lamps, as well as wall sconces to create quality feng shui energy in your living space. 

Light up some candles

A powerful feng shui cure, candles are one of the strongest expressions of one of the five feng shui elements – Fire. When used strategically, they can improve Chi, the feng shui energy in your home, transform your living space, as well as warm up the surrounding energy. Subtle yet effective decor elements, candles invoke the energy of purification, which is effective for relieving your body from daily stresses. Certain candles will even provide health benefits as well as improve the air quality in your living space. Get the best quality candle supplies you can find to keep the Chi energy in your home healthy and harmonious. 

Mind the color palette 

When designing spaces that promote positive energy flow, it’s important to pay attention to the color palette you choose to use. Colors largely affect our mood, and the colors we surround ourselves with can help shift our energy and bring harmony into our living space. Infuse your space with colors that strengthen and nourish the feng shui element that governs a specific area of your home. Before you decide on the color scheme, first you’ll need to define the bagua, the feng shui energy map, so you can easily find the best feng shui colors for every room in your home. Doing so will result in a positive feng shui energy, thus restoring balance in your living space. 

Spruce it up with some greenery

A fast and simple way to bring fresh and new energy into your space is to infuse it with lively, refreshing greenery. Nature’s air purifiers, plants are an effective decorating tool that has the ability to transform any space without you spending much. Our living spaces are filled with numerous pollutants coming from all the different sources – from cleaning products packed with chemicals to carpets that are full of dust mites – all of which are detrimental to energy flow. A couple of indoor plants will absorb all the toxic and harmful pollutants from the air and use it to produce oxygen, filling your space with fresh and clean air. 

A home is the reflection of people who live in it, and in order to maintain a balance in our homes, we must strive to achieve harmony with our environment. A living space that is clean and clutter-free will lay the foundation for a good feng shui, while the use of colors and decor can help turn your home into a warm and welcoming space that is perfect for relaxing with your family. By following the ancient Chinese practice, feng shui, you can attune your surroundings so that they reflect your inner self, thus creating a happy, healthy and welcoming environment. 

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