Free Music Therapy For Brisbane Residents Living With Dementia

May 1, 2018

Dementia Australia invites Brisbane locals living with dementia and their carers to attend free Music Therapy Activity Groups to help encourage social interaction and build connections.

Facilitated by a qualified music therapist, the music therapy classes held in May and June focus on strengthening individual’s existing abilities by providing both verbal and non-verbal methods for communication and emotional expression.

Carers are encouraged to assist participants by sharing lyrics in a songbook and modelling instrumental playing which can ultimately strengthen relationships through improved communication and understanding.

Dementia Australia Client Services Team Leader Rae Haggarty said the classes provide Brisbane clients with an activity that is enjoyable and offers a variety of positive outcomes.

“There are estimated to be more than 80,000 people living with dementia in Queensland. Our goal with introducing enjoyable activities is to ensure local community members who are living with a diagnosis can live well with dementia,” Ms Haggarty said.

“Singing songs, playing instruments and dancing can improve mood and mental abilities such as memory recall, which can lead to an overall improvement in self-esteem.

“The activity group is based around songs that are familiar to participants which triggers memories and discussions of past experiences associated with the music.

“Making these connections while interacting with others in the group can also help to alleviate feelings such as pain, depression, boredom and anxiety.

“Attendance also provides participants with an opportunity to meet other carers, families and friends of people living with dementia who share a similar experience and can provide important links to local support services.

Groups are free to attend and registration is essential. For more information or to book for any of the above activities call 1800 588 699 or email

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