Game Changer Machine Tells the FAT Truth

February 16, 2022

One lady added 11 years to her life and one man dropped 50 kilos in a year. Why this machine is a gamechanger for those looking to improve their health. 

Have you ever completed a 6-week fitness challenge, diligently stuck to a fitness and eating regime only to find out at the end you’ve only lost a couple of kilos? It can be quite deflating and cause you to quit or backslide into old habits. Losing kilos shouldn’t be the metric of challenges or fitness, but rather targeting visceral fat and bio age to ensure optimal health and longevity. 

Evolt 360 is a body composition scanner changing the way people work towards their fitness goals and since using the scanner for his clients, Nutritionist, Ronaldo Fulieri has seen renewed confidence in his clients as they swap the ‘the number on a weight scale for bio age’. 

“My clients are more likely to stick to an eating and exercise plan when they can see precise data that their skeletal muscle mass has improved and that they have decreased their visceral fat levels,” Ronaldo says. 

35 year old Chris Smith lost 50 kilos in 12 months using the Evolt 360 scanner to check-in on progress and adjust his training and eating as recommended by his unique results. 

We keep a log book for our car to ensure it’s performing at its best, so why don’t we do this for our bodies? An Evolt 360 body composition scan takes just 60 seconds and is a great tool to use to check in on over 40 unique measurements and track improvements over time,” Ronaldo says. 

The scan is not just for those wanting to lose weight, 64 year old Lynette Way has taken 11 years off her bio age by using the Evolt scanner to track her training to keep her lean body mass and visceral fat levels in check. 

For Lynn, working on optimal health and longevity is far more important than a number on a bathroom scale and since working with the Evolt 360 scanner has seen her fitness and strength improve significantly. 

The Evolt 360 was created on the Gold Coast by Kelly Weideman and Ed Zouroudis in 2015. Kelly says users are able to track results through an app where the body scans are stored, track and monitor their progress over time, take part in the lifestyle questionnaire, change

their goals, reassess their nutrition requirements and view the extensive education around their body composition metrics. 

“The Evolt 360 is the only body composition scanner that gives you macronutrient recommendations based on your goals and individual body composition which is a game changer for our users,” Kelly says. 

Our editor Bec tested this machine out recently and will share her results in an article in the coming weeks!

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