Handmaid’s Tale Season Finale Recap

July 13, 2018

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Blessed was the fruit of Season Two of The Handmaid’s Tale, with the season finale delivering many shocks and admittedly too many unanswered questions. The SheSociety office is in for a VERY long wait until the next season. We mean this figuratively, not literally because apparently the wait will not be too long this time around. Praise Be.

If you are yet to watch the finale, I suggest you stop here – unless you are one of those rare kinds of people that are weirdly ok with spoilers.

The episode sets up a majority of season three content, similar to the ending of season one. However this time we are left with an even longer list of questions.

The episode seemed fairly tame at the beginning, with the Waterford household still grieving over the loss of young Eden. While sorting through her belongings, June found a bible which Eden had written notes in. She presented this to Mrs Waterford, expressing her concern for young Holly/Nicole who would be raised in a world where things so simple as reading and writing are heavily forbidden for women.

This small act set off the bomb that was the season finale. It saw the wives band together, Serena get her finger chopped off, Aunt Lydia stabbed in the back and kicked down the stairs, fires being lit as a diversion while a ring of Marthas smuggled June and baby Holly/Nicole out of Gilead. Well… kind of. June once again leaves us screaming at the screen as she gives up her chance for freedom to save her first born Hannah.

In the back of our minds we know that she is not going to get into that vehicle but we hold onto that little bit of hope, only to have it torn away from us time and time again. My personal theory is that because Emily was there, that ultimately made up June’s mind to stay. Having someone she trusted being able to get one daughter out, gave her the reassurance that she could stay to help her first born.

Once again we are left with that empowering, intense close up of June’s face with no words needed to express her intentions. She strides off to save Hannah, and leaves us with a number of questions we desperately need answers to.

  • Is Mrs Waterford physically and mentally ok?
  • How is Nick going to keep Mr Waterford in the house and quiet?
  • Where did all that fire come from?
  • How long has this smuggling ring of Marthas been around?
  • Is June going to join forces with the weird and awesome Commander Joseph?
  • Hello Canada? Are you still trying to help?

But most importantly… How did June keep baby Holly/Nicole quiet that whole time she was running? Seriously, the mothers out there need to know.

This article does not do the season finale justice. The Handmaid’s Tale is such an enticing show because of the experience it gives its viewers, and the immensely powerful feelings we get while watching it.

Until Season Three then fellow She-Leads, Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

The Handmaid’s Quiz

If we were to wake up tomorrow in the world of Gilead, what would your role be?


Females who are married to high-ranking men in society. Your fertility does not matter, you are  put in a high status because of the man you married.


Postmenopausal women, who are fanatical supporters of the Gilead society. You train the Handmaids and ensure they don’t escape and distribute punishment to them where necessary.


Unmarried women who are infertile. Your role is to look after the high ranking family households, including cooking, cleaning and general duties.


If you are married to a poorer man in the Gilead society and are considered “pure” in the societies eyes. You live a humble, impoverished life and play the role of martha, handmaid and wife within your family.


Women who are fertile but are considered morally impure by the society of Gilead. If you are homosexual, have participated in adultery, had an abortion, considered ‘impure’ because you were raped or participated in premarital sex.


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