Happiness Lands On Brisbane Doorsteps

December 13, 2019

Green thumbs are up as boutique plant delivery company, The Plant People, launch their online store of room-ready plants, which they grow from seed to sale.

The Brisbane-born plant purveyor has combined the expertise of horticulturists and propagators to deliver healthy plants straight to the door of expectant parents, plant lovers and plant murderers alike.

Unlike any other seedy friend, E-Commerce Manager Laura Briddock says The Plant People is in the business of delivering happiness in the form of a low maintenance plant.

“We’ve grown a forever pet which new plant owners can’t neglect, one that will always look at you with love and will be around for the long-haul because they’ve been nurtured in the right way,” Ms Briddock said.

“We’re one of the first companies to completely seed, grow, pot and deliver a plant from our own nursery and this ensures it stays healthy and happy from day one.”

Grown out of its nursery in Burpengary QLD, The Plant People use old fashioned, tried and true techniques to ensure the vitality and longevity of its plants. The company distributes its flora babies in a custom engineered box to ensure a safe, happy and healthy arrival on doorsteps across the east coast.

In addition to a carefully managed growth plan, The Plant People has an experienced in-house horticulturist always on the lookout for trending plants and new exotic varieties to join the already extensive collection, including Fiddle Leaf Fig, Chinese Money Plant, Swiss Cheese Plant and even Monstera Thai Constellation.

With demand from Pinterest and Instagram fiends, as well as passionate environmentalists, The Plant People is excited to be one of the first to break the soil with the perfect gift for oneself or each other.

“We understand that not everyone has a green thumb, so finding a way to bridge the gap between the fiddle leaf fig experts to those needing plant parenthood was important to us.

“All of our plants can be grown indoors and unlike flowers, have a lifespan that exceeds one week!”

Adding to the aesthetic appeal, the dedicated team have partnered with a local artisan in Vietnam to source stunningly handmade pots that complement the range.

The Plant People have officially launched their website for pre-orders, with plants set to be dispatched Wednesday 11 December in time for Christmas. The regular and exotic collection will range in price from $19.95 – $395.

Visit theplantpeople.com.au to get your plant fix!

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